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10 tips for better pull requests and code review

Code review is a widely adopted approach in the world of software development. Having fellow developers check your code (and checking theirs in turn) helps eliminate mistakes, clean the codebase, and share knowledge across the team. But as helpful as it is, code review can still be quite stressful and time consuming.

Test Management Case for Github : Retain Test Runs or Save Permanently Feature for Tests & Cycles

In this video we have a close look to the Save Permanently feature. It saves the Test Run Results from being deleted if you have the automatic delete feature enabled. This TestQuality App feature is part of your Site Maintenance if you wish to remove your Test Run data and this can be automated with the settings in the Cycle to remove all runs and it is called "Retain Runs" (how many runs you wish to retain for that particular cycle with "0" meaning "Disable").

TestQuality Test Management Tool for GitHub: Integration Steps, Defect & Issue Reporting process

TestQuality extends Github to provide Modern, Powerful, Test Plan Management. This is accomplished via a Deep Live Native 2-Way Integration between GitHub and TestQuality. Test Management workflows are extended so you can Create, Update, Delete, and Link Defects and Requirements in your GitHub repository without ever leaving your testing workflows. And best of all TestQuality is completely FREE for use with GitHub public repo's.

Perforce + GitHub - New Perforce Helix Core Actions

Building a great game involves uniting team members and their tools. But too often, developers spend more time setting up their environment and building their pipeline, rather than innovating. Perforce Software has been working with Microsoft to address these challenges. It started with the Enhanced Studio Pack. This lets studios quickly launch a pre-configured environment with industry-leading tools.

TestQuality Test Management Case Tool: a DEMO Overview on Test Creation and GitHub Integration

Demo of Some Important Features of TestQuality - Test Management Tool App In this TestQuality DEMO overview we will cover different areas of this Test Management Case tool TestQuality helps you build better software with fully integrated and easy to use Test Management for high-performance teams. The fastest way to build, run, and manage test cases, plans, runs, and cycles. Easily understand the quality and performance of your tests and with powerful test analytics.

How to Perform Load Testing with k6 using GitHub Actions

You can find a collection of k6 scripts and GitHub workflows referenced in this tutorial here. In this tutorial, we will look into how to integrate performance testing in your development process with GitHub Actions and k6. For a video tutorial 🎥 , check out the following tutorial on YouTube. k6 is an open-source load testing tool for testing the performance of APIs, microservices, and websites.

How to Create a Cypress Test Run & Send Cypress Test Results to TestQuality with GitHub Repo Example

An overview How to Create a Test Run in Cypress Test Automation Framework with Live Github repository code examples and How to Send Cypress Test Results to TestQuality Test Management Tool with Integration with CI/CD DevOps Pipeline.

For Every Github Action...

On Nov 13, 2019 Github made it’s CI/CD solution GitHub Actions generally available to the world. Since then tens of thousands of shared workflows have been published. It is now the default for most Github projects given how easy it is to integrate with an existing repo. Projects of all sizes have adopted it from our homegrown Terraform module to the Docker Cli. This is why at Speedscale we’ve published a template for how to use Speedscale in conjunction with GitHub Actions.