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Is GitHub Safe?

Nearly every developer uses Git at some point. It is taught at most universities and widely available for anyone to use. This makes hosting solutions like GitHub a natural choice for many users, especially students, small teams, and anyone working with open source software. With so many people turning to GitHub to manage their projects, it raises an important question: Is GitHub safe?


Version control APIs with Git integration

Available in beta, we have introduced new version control REST APIs for Git integration in the release of ThoughtSpot Analytics Cloud. ThoughtSpot administrators can now link their instances to a GitHub repository and utilize continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) best practices to effectively manage their organization's analytic content throughout its lifecycle.


Git Log for Beginners

Have you ever found yourself lost in a maze of code changes, unsure of who made what change and when? Or spent hours tracking down a bug, only to realize that it was caused by a single line of code that was changed months ago? If so, then Git Log is the tool you need, to streamline your development process and keep your codebase organized. With Git Log, you can easily track changes to your codebase, identify issues, and collaborate effectively with your team.


Top 10 Git Commands Every Developer Should Know

Software developers tend to work in packs. We pool our creativity (and our code) to build software and our strength in numbers helps reduce the risk of errors. The more people who check code and scan for bugs, the cleaner our final product will be. However, this places a premium on effective communication. We will end up accessing, reading, writing and changing the same files over and over again, and it’s vital we keep duplication of work to a minimum.


Collaborating with Git for API Test Creation

APIs have become the center of software development, connecting and transferring data across systems and applications. Luckily, testing them can greatly improve the efficiency of your test strategy as a whole, helping you deliver software faster than ever. API testing is an essential part of the software development process, and it’s important to have a team that can work together to create accurate and efficient tests.


What Is a Merge Conflict? How to Avoid Merge Conflicts

You’re working on a team project and have made substantial progress. You go to submit your code changes only to find out someone else on your team was working on the same file(s) and submitted their changes before you did. Now you have the problem of conflicting code – and the time required to resolve your changes against the other person’s changes. This is called a merge conflict and can be a source of headache for many developers.


Visualize your commits in realtime with Ably and GitHub webhooks

Have you ever wanted to see the work of your entire engineering organization in a visualization as it happens? In this article, I'll tell you how I used Github webhooks and Netlify serverless functions, along with a simple Svelte web app, to do just this in my new interactive visualizer tool.