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CI/CD Pipeline Trends for 2022: Continuous Integration & Delivery Strategy

Many developers are being forced to replace their outdated, monolithic development methods with a more simplified procedure in order to produce faster, more dependable, and more accurate development cycles. Teams have implemented a continuous integration and continuous delivery strategy (CI/CD) for their software delivery pipelines to reach true agility.


Creating a Progressive Web App (PWA) with Flutter

So, you just finished building that application that’s going to change the world, you’ve submitted the Android apk to the Google Play Store and the iOS ipa to the Apple App Store, and you’re awaiting review. But when you check your email, you discover that your iOS app has been rejected. Given the urgency of releasing the app, what do you do now? Well, the good news is that your application was built with Flutter, which is a great tool for creating Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).


Using Mason and bricks in your Flutter app: Beginner's guide

TL;DR: Mason is a Dart package that allows you to create files and directories based on templates. You can use Mason in your Flutter projects by first creating and registering the templates (aka bricks) and then utilizing them to create files and folders. Alternatively, you can use bricks made by others from GitHub or


Why you should use caching for your Codemagic Unity projects

TL;DR: Caching the Library folder can significantly speed up your Unity builds in CI/CD environments. Codemagic CI/CD also allows you to cache the Unity version of your project so that you don’t need to re-download it each time. When you work on complex Unity projects and start adding more and more resources, you’ll quickly notice that the build times in your Codemagic workflow grow as well.


We are decreasing prices thanks to Apple M1 machines

The world is facing the highest inflation rate in ages, and Codemagic is reacting to it by… lowering its prices. These are tough times for everybody, and because we’ve benefited from some recent changes, we wanted to pass on these benefits to all developers so that you have one less thing to worry about.


SwiftUI 4.0: New and updated APIs with code examples

Since Apple started using SwiftUI in its operating systems, it has been experiencing a noticeable evolution, from redesigns of apps to deep system integrations. The team behind SwiftUI has taken into account the feedback they got on Twitter and other social networking sites, resulting in some fantastic APIs to work and play with this year! Here’s a quote from the session on “What’s new in SwiftUI”: So, let’s dive into everything that SwiftUI 4.0 has to offer you!


How to automate delivering Unity apps to testers with CI/CD

TL;DR: It’s critical to deliver the latest builds of your Unity game to testers and stakeholders. You can automate this process by setting up a Codemagic CI/CD pipeline and either using public Codemagic dashboards to access build artifacts or setting up notifications in Discord with links to builds and release notes. Let’s see how we can use automation tools to share our game builds with QA testers and stakeholders!

4 common Android DevOps challenges and how to solve them

​​The term “DevOps” has been thrown around a lot in the software development world. AWS describes it as a combination of philosophies, practices, and tools that help deliver apps and services effectively and efficiently. ‍Mobile DevOps falls under that DevOps umbrella, and it requires a different approach because of the agile nature of mobile development. If you narrow it down even further, you’ll arrive at our main topic, Android DevOps.