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"Test Case Scenario" Dives into CI/CD Pipeline Mastery!

Welcome back to Test Case Scenario! In this episode, join us as we delve into the world of CI/CD pipelines. In this discussion, we cover everything you need to know about setting up pipelines, navigating common pitfalls, and valuable tips for CI/CD mastery. Whether you're a tech enthusiast or a professional in the field, Test Case Scenario is your go-to podcast for staying informed and ahead of the curve in the realm of software testing.

Securing CI/CD with 1Password

Secret management in shared environments like Continuous Integration and Delivery services is challenging. It’s essential to keep secrets secure and ensure they don’t end up in the wrong place, like logs or code repositories. Integrating solutions like 1Password into CI/CD workflows offer the advantage of centralising secret management, and it also allows you to encrypt every secret, providing controlled programmatic access to applications.


Implementing Instant Object Detection in Live Image Streams using TFLite in Flutter

In Flutter’s early days in 2019, I developed a live object detection system for a major German company, despite the platform’s constraints. With release of Flutter 3.7 and advancements of TensorFlow have catalyzed the need to refine or overhaul this approach. This article discusses the newest techniques in live-stream object detection as showcased in the flutter-tflite GitHub repository.

Why Bitrise? - Fully hosted CI/CD and Mobile DevOps platform

Building and deploying mobile apps can be complex and time-consuming. But with Bitrise, you can streamline your Mobile DevOps processes and focus on delivering great experiences to your users. Key benefits to using Bitrise: 🚀 optimized infrastructure and automation processes result in faster build times. This means you can test and iterate faster, and get your app to market sooner.

Introducing Bitrise Build Cache - a fully-managed remote build & test cache

The Bitrise Build Cache is a game-changing tool, unlike anything the market has seen before. A fully-managed remote build & test cache for alternate build tools such as Gradle, Bazel, Tuist, and more. The Build Cache offering is fully managed and deeply integrated into the Bitrise CI/CD platform, which brings a whole host of benefits.

How to Build QA at Scale Through Device Architecture

Let’s start with some absolutes. Maintaining a steady CI/CD pipeline is crucial to modern software development. Testing and quality engineering principles that drive solid deliverables should be flexible and agile. QA teams need hundreds of device and O/S combinations. With those non-negotiables in mind, how would you implement a flexible device architecture to support ongoing and evolving needs to assess mobile and web applications?


How to Set Up Flutter Code Push With Shorebird and Codemagic

Mobile developers using Javascript-based mobile application development platforms such as Cordova, Ionic and React Native have enjoyed the benefit of being able to push app updates over-the-air without resubmitting their apps to the App Store or Google Play for quite some time. As long as the updates are not compiled code, and don’t change the primary purpose of the application then both Apple and Google allow this.

DevOps CI/CD Pipeline and Workflow: A Bitrise CI/CD Pipeline and Workflow walkthrough

This Mobile DevOps tutorial takes you through what is a Pipeline, what is workflows, and how you can build and test in parallel to build better apps, faster, all tailored specifically for mobile development with Bitrise. Dive into the world of Bitrise Mobile DevOps, learning how to leverage the power of our software to build and test in parallel, enabling you to develop apps, quicker than ever before. In this video we cover the key components of a Bitrise DevOps pipeline - an integral toolset and automated processes that allow software teams to compile, build, and roll out codes seamlessly.