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Implementing Instant Object Detection in Live Image Streams using TFLite in Flutter

In Flutter’s early days in 2019, I developed a live object detection system for a major German company, despite the platform’s constraints. With release of Flutter 3.7 and advancements of TensorFlow have catalyzed the need to refine or overhaul this approach. This article discusses the newest techniques in live-stream object detection as showcased in the flutter-tflite GitHub repository.


How to Set Up Flutter Code Push With Shorebird and Codemagic

Mobile developers using Javascript-based mobile application development platforms such as Cordova, Ionic and React Native have enjoyed the benefit of being able to push app updates over-the-air without resubmitting their apps to the App Store or Google Play for quite some time. As long as the updates are not compiled code, and don’t change the primary purpose of the application then both Apple and Google allow this.

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Making App Development Revolutionary with Flutter

The success of an app in today’s fast-paced digital economy primarily relies on its speed to market, smooth user experiences, and practical development methods. Flutter, Google’s open-source UI framework, has emerged as a significant changer in app development. Flutter’s own set of benefits allows developers to build spectacular cross-platform apps quicker than ever before.


Working with native elements in Flutter: Platform Channel vs Pigeon vs Foreign Function Interface (FFI)

Dart and Flutter are a powerful duo when building software applications, ranging from mobile apps - Android and iOS; to desktop apps - Linux, Windows, and macOS. Flutter is sufficient to handle most application features. However, some apps involve deeper integration with their platform components. Flutter boasts of smooth and easy-to-setup mechanisms for communication between Flutter and platform hosts.


Top 10 Flutter App Development Tools That You Can't Deny Using in 2023!

Mobile apps are spreading their roots around the globe, and taking businesses on this digital platform has become an utmost task to compete in the growing digital market. To keep businesses at pace, one of the most appealing and exceptional frameworks is Flutter. Flutter app development tools enable businesses to choose from various tools for developing an application. Each of these tools is promising for making coding agile and simpler for developers.


Best Flutter Libraries and Types to look after in 2023

You all definitely must have heard about this one term fluttering in the air: ‘Flutter’. Flutter, a relatively new mobile app development framework, has been gaining a lot of popularity in recent years. Don’t you agree? But why is that so? Are other frameworks not up to the mark? Or is it just the simplest and ever-evolving tech stack?


How to embed an Android Unity game in a Flutter app

One of the great features that made Unity popular is its ability to provide builds for multiple platforms out of the box. But there may be scenarios in which you would like Unity to comprise just a part of your application, while the rest is written with some other framework. A typical use case is using Unity’s functionality inside a Flutter application.