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When to Choose React Native as Your Next App Development Framework

As an app developer, your task includes using programming languages to create, test and develop applications on mobile devices. Your tasks also involves coding, designing and troubleshooting. Did you know your arduous job can be simplified using cross-platform development like the React Native framework?

React Component Lifecycle: How to use ComponentDidUpdate

React is a JavaScript-based library for using component-based architecture to create applications that share user interface content. It allows you to define the function or class-based component that provides a specific feature for an application; hence, each component in React application contains the set of lifecycle hooks. There are several lifecycle methods such as mounting the component, updating the state of a component, or unmounting the component.

How to embed Live Analytics to your React-based web app with ThoughtSpot Everywhere

ThoughtSpot Everywhere provides SDKs to make embedding ThoughtSpot into your application easy. In addition to the more general JavaScript components for embedding ThoughtSpot, developers can also use React-specific components for those writing React applications. Using the React components you can quickly embed analytics with just a few lines of code.

WebSockets Tutorial: Going Real-time with Node and React

Everyone seems to be making chat apps these days, but messaging apps are merely the tip of the iceberg. Consider this for a moment, within the real-time domain, there are a plethora of different things you can create. We'll start with some fundamental concepts and work our way up to see how to go real-time with Node and React in the following post. By the end of this article, you will have created a very simple real-time application. That will be a lengthy post!

Ably + React Hooks NPM package now out

Whether React is your favorite JavaScript framework or not, it is the most commonly used web framework. If you're building single-page apps, high fidelity frontends, or even in some cases static sites, there's a high chance that you're using React to do it. In the past it was sometimes difficult to decide on the best place to put code from libraries, such as ably-js, which can cause re-renders, and which have their own state management.