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Cockroach Labs Defines its Vision for the Serverless Database at RoachFest 2022

Leading cloud database vendor releases migration tools, the general availability of CockroachDB serverless and integrations with HashiCorp's Vault and Terraform, as well as Vercel.

Build a CRUD App with Node.js and MongoDB

Choosing the right tool for a web application can be tricky. But if you do, it will make things a lot easier for you. Depending on your application, combining Node.js and MongoDB works well most of the time — especially if you use a front-end framework like React (MERN), Angular (MEAN), or Vue (MEVN). In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a CRUD application using Node.js and MongoDB and write some basic tests for your Node.js API.

How to set up a Microsoft SQL Server in DreamFactory

This video will show you how simple it is to set up a Microsoft SQL server using DreamFactory. Who we are: DreamFactory is an API generation solution for more than 20 databases and many other data sources. With DreamFactory you can connect to any data source and instantly access a full-featured, secure, and documented REST API for your projects. DreamFactory replaces months of API development and server-side integration work. Start your projects with reliable REST APIs from day one.

All You Need to Know about EdgeDB

Today, non-relational, schemaless data models dominate the domain of databases. Non-relational databases are more developer-friendly and scale better than the relational databases of the past. However, it is harder for them to do complex tasks. Now we have a new player in the game to address this issue: EdgeDB. EdgeDB is built on top of PostgreSQL and introduces a new conceptual model for representing data.


How To Choose The Right Database For Your Organization

A database is a critical piece of software for any organization. It stores data and allows users to access and modify it as needed. Many different databases are available, like AWS’ Amazon RDS or Microsoft’s Azure, so deciding which is suitable for your organization can be challenging. This article will discuss the different kinds of databases and help you choose the right database for your needs.