Chennai, India
  |  By Vaishnavi
Using email to communicate with consumers, sell new items, connect with future customers, and much more is crucial for running a successful business. Despite the numerous communication options available today, such as social media platforms, chatbots, and collaboration tools like Slack, email remains a viable and effective option. In fact, Internet Live Stats reports that 2,641,007 emails are received per second.
  |  By Aiswarya S
Winston Logger is one of the most popular logging libraries for Node.js. This library decouples the different aspects of logging, such as log levels, formatting, and storage, to make them independent and provide an array of different combinations. Additionally, you can implement logging in your application using Node.js streams to minimize performance impact. In this article, we are going to discuss how to install Winston Logger and use it for your Node.js application.
  |  By Pavithra Parthiban
Have you ever wondered how computer programs manage their memory, like how they clean up after themselves to keep things running smoothly? what happens to all those blocks you are no longer using? This is where the role of the garbage collector becomes significant. Think of the garbage collector as a diligent assistant that recognizes tools you have finished using. It proceeds to carefully place these tools back into their storage, effectively reclaiming memory.
  |  By Pavithra Parthiban
Parallel processing in computers is like having an efficient team working on different parts of a task simultaneously. In traditional programming, tasks are executed one after the other, like solving a puzzle piece by piece. However, parallel processing divides the task into smaller chunks, and these chunks are handled simultaneously by multiple processors or cores. Python provides modules that allow programs to leverage multiple processor cores efficiently.
  |  By Aiswarya S
JVM uses threads to execute every single operation. And during its lifetime, these threads can go through various stages. One such stage, where the threads are unable to move any further or are blocked from operating is called as the thread-waiting situation. There are various scenarios in which a thread can enter a waiting state. Identifying and diagnosing thread-waiting situations is important for maintaining the performance and reliability of multithreaded applications.
  |  By Pavithra Parthiban
In Kubernetes environments, a suite of essential tools has emerged, addressing various aspects of deployment, management, and troubleshooting within distributed systems. These Kubernetes tools collectively aim to streamline complex processes, enhance productivity, and alleviate challenges inherent in managing modern applications. Efficient deployment, management, monitoring, and troubleshooting are crucial for achieving optimal productivity in Kubernetes ecosystems.
  |  By Aiswarya S
The PHP project publishes a new major or minor version of PHP at the end of each year. The authors announce a feature freeze around six months before the release; in the meantime, there's a flurry of activity as developers lobby for adoption of language modifications with every new release. PHP 8.3 is releasing its new features on November 23 of this year. Like every time, they have included some amazing additions this time as well.
  |  By Pavithra Parthiban
Web development is a vibrant field where innovation and technology converge to shape the digital landscape of tomorrow. In the field of creating websites and apps, ASP.NET stands as a versatile framework, offering robust tools and features to optimize website performance and enhance user experiences. Despite ASP.NET's versatility, its performance may occasionally lag suffer due to diverse strategies that can notably affect load times, user interaction, and overall site responsiveness.
  |  By Aiswarya S
Kubernetes is one of the most popular container orchestration platforms. It helps with automated deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. But sometimes, it experiences some turbulences - as in a CrashLoopBackOff Error. Calling it an error is not entirely right. It expresses a state of restart loop happening somewhere in the background, i.e., in a pod.
  |  By Lydia Kirubai
As a Java developer, you'll frequently encounter stack traces in your work. By default, these stack traces are displayed on the console when unhandled exceptions occur. However, it's essential not to merely have a superficial understanding of what stack traces are and how to utilize them. This article aims to provide a comprehensive explanation. A call stack is often defined as the current stack of operations or a representation of the ongoing program flow.

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