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Cost Management


See How Much Your APM is Costing You to Monitor Node.js Apps

We are excited to share the release of our new Cost Calculator to showcase just how much the wrong APM provider can add to your cloud hosting costs (try it now). Observability is vital, but it comes with computational overhead that shares the same infrastructure as your application. This is compounded in typical Node.js APM tooling due to the internal workings of Node.js itself.


Unlocking Cost Optimization: Insights from FinOps Camp Episode #1

With the dramatic increase in the volume, velocity, and variety of data analytics projects, understanding costs and optimizing expenditure is crucial for success. Data teams often face challenges in effectively managing costs, accurately attributing them, and finding ways to enhance cost efficiency.

Why Cloud Operations Would Benefit From a "On-Premise" Approach to Cost Management

Moving operations to the cloud has obvious benefits, but without discipline costs can quickly spiral out of control. In this clip, Raja Musunuru of TIFIN reiterates the importance of understanding usage and the ability to scale. Get even more insights from data and analytics leaders like Raja on The Data Chief.