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Why Legacy Observability Tools Don't Work for Modern Data Stacks

Whether they know it or not, every company has become a data company. Data is no longer just a transactional byproduct, but a transformative enabler of business decision-making. In just a few years, modern data analytics has gone from being a science project to becoming the backbone of business operations to generate insights, fuel innovation, improve customer satisfaction, and drive revenue growth. But none of that can happen if data applications and pipelines aren’t running well.

Roundtable Recap: DataOps Just Wanna Have Fun

We like to keep things light at Unravel. In a recent event, we hosted a group of industry experts for a night of laughs and drinks as we discussed cloud migration and heard from our friends at Don’t Tell Comedy. Unravel VP of Solutions Engineering Chris Santiago and AWS Sr. Worldwide Business Development Manager for Analytics Kiran Guduguntla moderated a discussion with data professionals from Black Knight, TJX Companies, AT&T Systems, Georgia Pacific, and IBM, among others.

Beyond Observability for the Modern Data Stack

The term “observability” means many things to many people. A lot of energy has been spent—particularly among vendors offering an observability solution—in trying to define what the term means in one context or another. But instead of getting bogged down in the “what” of observability, I think it’s more valuable to address the “why.” What are we trying to accomplish with observability? What is the end goal?

Webinar Recap: Functional strategies for migrating from Hadoop to AWS

In a recent webinar, Functional (& Funny) Strategies for Modern Data Architecture, we combined comedy and practical strategies for migrating from Hadoop to AWS. Unravel Co-Founder and CTO Shivnath Babu moderated a discussion with AWS Principal Architect, Global Specialty Practice, Dipankar Ghosal and WANdisco CTO Paul Scott-Murphy. Here are some of the key takeaways from the event.

Building vs. Buying Your Modern Data Stack: A Panel Discussion

One of the highlights of the DataOps Unleashed 2022 virtual conference was a roundtable panel discussion on building versus buying when it comes to your data stack. Build versus buy is a question for all layers of the enterprise infrastructure stack. But in the last five years — even in just the last year alone — it’s hard to think of a part of IT that has seen more dramatic change than that of the modern data stack.