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Webinar Recording: Accelerating Cloud Data Modernization

As organizations seek to become more competitive, they are often looking to enrich their data sets for analytics to gain deeper insights. The data used for enrichment may include text data, machine data, image data, geospatial data, and real-time data. This data may be high volume, highly diverse, and disparate in nature. As part of this effort, organizations are moving to cloud data platforms to store and manage this modern data.

Webinar Recording: Powering Modern Applications: Data Management for Speed and Scale

Designed to be fast, scalable, flexible, and user-friendly, modern applications are at the center of the innovation and automation that is transforming companies, industries, and society today. At the same time, modern applications, increasingly built with microservices, also come with requirements that traditional data management approaches fall far short of effectively meeting.

Demo: Unravel Data - Keep Cloud Data Budgets on Track (Automatically)

Data teams need to be able to set cloud data budgets at a specific scope - and know if your various teams or departments are tracking to those budgets. But today, most data teams only know that the budget was overrun after it’s too late. With Unravel, establishing and tracking budgets to prevent overruns is easy.

3-Minute Recap: Unlocking the Value of Cloud Data and Analytics

DBTA recently hosted a roundtable webinar with four industry experts on “Unlocking the Value of Cloud Data and Analytics.” Moderated by Stephen Faig, Research Director, Unisphere Research and DBTA, the webinar featured presentations from Progress, Ahana, Reltio, and Unravel. You can see the full 1-hour webinar “Unlocking the Value of Cloud Data and Analytics” below. Here’s a quick recap of what each presentation covered.


Get Ready for the Next Generation of DataOps Observability

I was chatting with Sanjeev Mohan, Principal and Founder of SanjMo Consulting and former Research Vice President at Gartner, about how the emergence of DataOps is changing people’s idea of what “data observability” means. Not in any semantic sense or a definitional war of words, but in terms of what data teams need to stay on top of an increasingly complex modern data stack.

Webinar: Unlocking the Value of Cloud Data and Analytics

From data lakes and data warehouses to data mesh and data fabric architectures, the world of analytics continues to evolve to meet the demand for fast, easy, wide-ranging data insights. Right now, nearly 50% of DBTA subscribers are using public cloud services, and many are investing further in staff, skills, and solutions to address key technical challenges. Even today, the amount of time and resources most organizations spend analyzing data pales in comparison to the effort expended in identifying, cleansing, rationalizing, consolidating, and transforming that data.

The Data Challenge Nobody's Talking About: An Interview from CDAO UK

Chief Data & Analytics Officer UK (CDAO UK) is the United Kingdom’s premier event for senior data and analytics executives. The three-day event, with more than 200 attendees and 50+ industry-leading speakers, was packed with case studies, thought leadership, and practical advice around data culture, data quality and governance, building a data workforce, data strategy, metadata management, AI/MLOps, self-service strategies, and more.