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Solving Memory Leaks in Node.js has Never Been Easier, Introducing the Latest Version of N|Solid

We are thrilled to announce the release of a new feature in N|Solid that includes sample heap profiling and heap objects observability for main processes and worker threads. N|Solid is known for its Node.js performance and security observability and diagnostic tools and best-in-class low overhead has completed a new innovation to hunt memory leaks in development and production environments. Memory is a precious resource in computing.

Enhancing Node.js Core: Introducing Support for Synchronous ESM Graphs

Exciting news this week! One of the latest features in Node.js core is the addition of support for requiring synchronous ECMAScript Modules (ESM) graphs. This enhancement promises to simplify the transition for package authors and users alike, as the ecosystem gradually shifts towards ESM. This long-awaited feature, enabled via the --experimental-require-module flag, marks a pivotal moment in Node.js development, addressing a persistent pain point for developers.

N|Solid: Node.js Compatibility Proven through Fastify CI Integration

At NodeSource, we understand the hesitance and scrutiny that often accompany claims of "Node.js compatibility". The Node.js ecosystem is vast and intricate, and as Matteo Collina rightly points out, passing a "hello world" example is just the start. We believe N|Solid should be a component of every Node.js project, especially in production, to provide developers and organizations with the most advanced performance and security observability tooling.

Choosing the Right Node.js Package Manager in 2024: A Comparative Guide

The year 2024 marks a crucial juncture in the Node.js ecosystem, where developers face different choices when it comes to selecting the right package manager for their projects. npm, Yarn, and pnpm stand out as the frontrunners, as they are the most widely used in the Node.js ecosystem. Each package offers unique features and capabilities tailored to address the challenges of modern development environments.

Node.js 2023 Year in Review

Two months into 2024, I’ve decided to summarize the achievements in the Node.js space from 2023. As always, this list is curated by me, so I may overlook some pull requests due to the vast amount of work completed by Node.js collaborators and areas where I need more context, such as WASI. Node.js is rapidly evolving, and it can be challenging for regular users to stay updated with the latest changes. Even as someone who works on the project, it’s possible to overlook certain commits.

Innovating for Performance: How our Infra Team Powers 100+ Million Downloads A Year (While Keeping our SaaS Reliable and Secure)

We just shared big news about the open-sourcing of our Node.js Runtime and the release of our AI Copilot for Node, both requiring a big role from our infrastructure (Infra) team. They are the team behind the scenes, dedicated to delivering top performance, and have been instrumental in maintaining our reputation for fast, stable, and secure delivery of our SaaS product and Binary Distributions–which generate over 100 million annual downloads a year.

3 Takeaways from Web Summit 2023

Along with approximately 70,000 other souls from around the globe, the NodeSource team attended Web Summit 2023 earlier this month. Famous for being the largest European tech event (or even the world), Web Summit was full of riveting AI conversations, more than 2,600 startups, and plenty of tasty food trucks and, of course, amazing local cuisine.

Introducing N|Solid Copilot: Your AI-Powered Node.js Navigator

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to N|Solid Pro - the N|Solid Copilot, a groundbreaking AI-powered assistant designed to revolutionize your Node.js development experience. This innovative tool is a leap forward in Node.js application observability and security, it’s like having a Node expert on-call. View of N|Solid Pro Console with the Copilot drawer open allowing a user to interact with the AI Assistant.

See How Much Your APM is Costing You to Monitor Node.js Apps

We are excited to share the release of our new Cost Calculator to showcase just how much the wrong APM provider can add to your cloud hosting costs (try it now). Observability is vital, but it comes with computational overhead that shares the same infrastructure as your application. This is compounded in typical Node.js APM tooling due to the internal workings of Node.js itself.