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How to run `shell` and more using Node.js

Sometimes an application needs more than Node.js to develop and bootstrap itself. Maybe the project needs some automation from a different programming language than JavaScript; even in that scenario, Node.js can run those required tasks; with that, your whole application could be easier to maintain and won’t have a lot of technologies mixed in the same project.

Announcing Node V18 available in distributions

Providing developers and the Node ecosystem NodeSource Node.js Binary Distributions via.rpm, .deb as well as their setup and support scripts is one of our primary contributions to the community. Our binaries have been downloaded more than 100m times in the last year, powering applications across the globe.

Debugging a Node js Express API in VS Code Debugger

When we create software, we rarely do it without errors. API creation isn’t exempt from this fact, so sooner or later we’ll need to debug it. In JavaScript, the first stop for a debugging task is often logging to the console, but using a debugger can give us a more integrated experience. Node js is a cross platform and open source JavaScript runtime environment that allows the JavaScript to be run on the server-side.

Comparing Frameworks for Node.js Serverless Apps

Cloud deployments have gotten more complicated over the years. That’s on them, but it’s not necessarily to a fault – there’s just so much more you can do now than in the past. That blossoming in capabilities really owes itself to each new service getting easier over time. AWS, Google, and Azure started offering to relieve the burden of on-premises computing infrastructure.

Understanding Node.js Module Exports

The capacity to reuse and build upon the foundations of other people is one of the most powerful aspects of software development. The code-sharing has helped in the rapid advancement of software. This process of code sharing in Node.js is eased via module.exports or exports, which can be used both within individual projects and in external npm dependencies. Modules are code structure building elements that help Node.js developers better structure, reuse, and distribute code.

Build Serverless APIs with Node.js and AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda has been around for a few years now, and it remains the most popular way to experiment with serverless technology. If you're not familiar with serverless, it's a model of development in which managing, provisioning, and scaling servers is abstracted away from application development. Servers do exist in a serverless world, but they are completely managed by the cloud provider, allowing developers to focus on packaging their code for deployment.

N|Solid SaaS is now FREE!

We launched N|Solid SaaS into beta last year to make available our enterprise-grade Node.js tools more accessible, especially for smaller teams and individual developers. N|Solid is the best observability and insights tool to manage Node performance and security, trusted by developers and enterprise organizations across the globe, built by Node Experts.