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In-depth analysis of the APM performance cost in Node.js

TL; DR: Based on the APM benchmarks results is evident that one of the main performance problems for a Node.js application in a production environment is the usage of the very same applications in charge of monitoring the performance for the application itself. This article explains the reasons with an in-depth analysis to show why using most APMs in a Node.js application is that expensive performance-wise.

Splunk vs. Dynatrace vs. Scout

In today’s times, Application Performance Monitoring has grown to become a necessity for most software organizations. At the same time, the term has evolved from tracking only the performance of an application to monitoring the infrastructure, user experience, latency, and much more. These factors, when put together, contribute to the overall growth of a product. There are so many things that can go wrong at the same time.

APM With Prometheus and Grafana on Kubernetes Ingress

While monitoring is an important part of any robust application deployment, it can also seem overwhelming to get a full application performance monitoring (APM) stack deployed. In this post, we’ll see how operating a Kubernetes environment using the open-source Kong Ingress Controller can simplify this seemingly daunting task! You’ll learn how to use Prometheus and Grafana on Kubernetes Ingress to simplify APM setup.

Spark APM - What is Spark Application Performance Management

Apache Spark is a fast and general-purpose engine for large-scale data processing. It’s most widely used to replace MapReduce for fast processing of data stored in Hadoop. Designed specifically for data science, Spark has evolved to support more use cases, including real-time stream event processing. Spark is also widely used in AI and machine learning applications.

Introducing Bitrise Trace

Colin Hemmings, Product Manager at Bitrise introduces Trace, the new application performance monitoring (APM) solution we are building here at Bitrise Trace is monitoring made specifically for mobile, helping you catch bugs before they reach your users. With Trace, you’ll be able to have a complete view of these issues with full context, so that you can assess, reproduce, and fix them as quickly as possible.

Kitchen T.V. - The Spicy NeoLoad and Dynatrace Integration.

Kitchen T.V. is back with yet another recipe: Dynatrace and NeoLoad integration. Today, we have Andreas Grabner from Dynatrace and our very own Expert Chef Henrik Rexed, explaining to you the benefits of this integration and how to use the Dynatrace and NeoLoad to provide the best result. Helping you learn how to save time using Dynatrace and NeoLoad integration. Taking you through the steps, how to put the plugin in NeoLoad & how to configure user and the final step of letting the Dynatrace A.I do its work.