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Error Reporting: Improving Outcomes with Proactive Identification

Errors happen. Despite best efforts, no piece of software is perfect. Unintentional issues with code, updates to existing frameworks, or unexpected interactions with other tools can all cause errors. As a result, it's critical for companies to deploy robust and reliable error reporting processes that help them proactively identify potential issues and improve operational outcomes.

Best Practices for End-to-End Testing for Better User Experience

Developers test their code in chunks as it is written. Error monitoring during the development cycle alerts engineers when conflicts arise and helps them identify the root cause. So, you may wonder then, in the age of DevOps and continuous delivery, is end-to-end testing still needed? Not only is it viable, but it is also essential to validate requirements, configurations, and functionality.

How to monitor the health of Ably-dependent code

How often do you face an issue with a service that doesn't work and you don’t know why? How often is it related to some external services, dependencies like a database, or queue mechanism you are using? Of course, you could check each service from time to time, and you could run some smoke tests against the service, but it will not give you an answer if “service is not working because the connection to MSSQL failed.”

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The Best Kubernetes Monitoring Tools

In this article, you'll learn about the best Kubernetes performance monitoring tools that are currently on the market. Although there are a number of application performance monitoring solutions out there, this article covers the best options in terms of their key features, functionalities, ease of setup, and the support garnered from each of their respective communities.

Build Insights Pro: Introducing Bitrise's own CI/CD Performance Monitoring Tool

Build Insights is a monitoring tool that helps you understand your build performance and where you can improve your team’s delivery velocity and stability. It gives you the confidence that things are working well, and visibility into the issue when they are not, all working seamlessly with your existing Bitrise pipelines.

Monitoring Appian with Appian: Automating Threat Analysis and Information Gathering

In our previous blog posts covering our in-house Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) application, we described the basic building blocks for the system and the steps we took to orchestrate interactions between a number of security tools. While building orchestration, we already introduced a significant amount of Automation powering features like threat intelligence collection and event polling.