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How to Use Prometheus to Monitor Kong Gateway

Observability is a critical part of Kong’s API Gateway. In this post, we’ll describe two options to monitor Kong Gateway using Prometheus. Prometheus is an open source system monitor toolkit built at SoundCloud that is now widely adopted. StatsD was originally a simple daemon developed by Etsy to aggregate and summarize application metrics. Prometheus provides a StatsD exporter to collect metrics that are sent in StatsD format.


Distributed tracing with Envoy, Kuma, Grafana Agent, and Jaeger

As a cloud service provider, observability is a critical subject as it's strongly related to the availability of the services running on the platform. We need to understand everything that is happening on our platform to troubleshoot errors as fast as possible and improve performance issues. A year ago, while the platform was still in private beta, we faced a tough reliability issue: users were facing random 500 errors when accessing their applications.


Stop Using TCP Health Checks for Kubernetes Applications

As developers, one of the most important things we can consider when designing and building applications is the ability to know if our application is running in an ideal operating condition, or said another way: the ability to know whether or not your application is healthy. This is particularly important when deploying your application to Kubernetes. Kubernetes has the concept of container probes that, when used, can help ensure the health and availability of your application.