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Zero Trust Security: The What, Why and How

If you’ve been researching API security, you’ve likely seen the term “Zero Trust.” And you may already know that organizations can use Zero Trust to help protect their APIs from attacks. What you may not know is that Zero Trust is one of the best models for API security. According to Microsoft, “96 percent of security decision-makers state that Zero Trust is critical to their organization’s success.” But what is Zero Trust exactly?


Understand the Differences: API Authentication vs API Authorization

If you landed on this blog post, chances are that you care about keeping your API secure. It’s an important topic to discuss: API exploits are on the rise, and you don’t want unauthorized users accessing your data. A big part of that security is implementing API authentication and API authorization. These API access control measures are a foundational aspect of API security.


Kong Konnect: A Developer's Guide

In this guide, Viktor Gamov (Principle Developer Advocate at Kong) will dive into the power of Kong Konnect, the SaaS managed control plane for Kong Gateway designed for seamless API management. We’ll explore how to use Kong Konnect to configure external services, enable application registration, configure Dev Portal, use credentials to manage services access, and replicate configurations across different environments with just a few clicks. Let’s get started!


Reworked Plugin Queues in Kong Gateway 3.3

Starting with the 3.3 release, Kong Gateway includes a new implementation of the internal queues that are used by several plugins to decouple the production of data in the proxy path and its submission to a receiving server, such as a log server. We’ll walk you through why queues are needed, why a new implementation was required, how the new implementation works and how queues are configured.


New Horizons with Kong Gateway 3.3 for Open Source

As API usage and dependence continue to grow, the need for a reliable, performant, and secure API gateway has become even more essential. Kong Gateway Open Source continues to be the world’s most adopted API gateway, setting the benchmark for performance, reliability, and observability. Today, we’re excited to unveil Kong Gateway 3.3 for Open Source, a release that once again elevates the API gateway experience to new heights.


What's New in Kong Enterprise 3.3?

We’re excited to announce the general availability of Kong Enterprise 3.3. In this release, we’ve taken significant steps to deliver an enhanced experience for developers by making Kong Enterprise even more enterprise-ready and robust. Additionally, we’ve checked a few important boxes for our customers to easily comply with regulations. In this blog we’re going to cover the following key features we are delivering as part of Kong Enterprise 3.3.


Creating a Seamless Customer Experience with APIs at Just Eat

In this Kongcast episode, Danielle Dias, Software Engineer at Just Eat, talks about how her team creates a seamless customer experience by using Kong Gateway for rate limiting, monitoring, alerting, and more. Check out the transcript and video from our conversation below, and be sure to subscribe to get email alerts for the latest new episodes.

Zero Downtime Upgrading Strategies to Kong Gateway 3.x

Are you running Kong Gateway below 3.0 and need help upgrading and what to look out for? Then this presentation is for you! In this talk, Andrew Kew (Senior Technical Account Manager & Field Engineer at Kong) will discuss a few upgrade strategies from Kong Gateway 2.x to 3.x to ensure a zero downtime and smooth upgrade. Next to that, you will learn what to look out for when upgrading to 3.x. At the end of the presentation, Andrew will talk through some of the new features in Kong Gateway 3.0.