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How to Get Started with DevSecOps 101 for Embedded Software

DevOps has helped bring software development and IT from the more rigid Waterfall methodology to a more flexible Agile approach, enabling development teams to resolve issues faster, reduce code complexity, and accelerate product delivery. With so many benefits to DevOps, it's natural that a focus on security, using a similar approach, would be the next step for development teams wanting to secure the software development process.


What is API DevSecOps?

API Developer Security Operations or API DevSecOps is a fusion of API development, security practices, and operational efficiency, and represents a holistic approach that navigates the intricate balance between innovation and protection. At its core, API DevSecOps redefines the way organizations create, deploy, and manage APIs, placing security considerations at the forefront without compromising on agility and collaboration.


DevSecOps Benefits & Challenges

DevSecOps is about ensuring security throughout the software cycle. While it offers many benefits, it also has its own challenges that you must understand. Performing AST (Application Security Testing) is a common and effective way to find vulnerabilities and weaknesses in an application and make it resistant to security threats. Traditionally, AST has been performed at the end of the software/application development process, more like an afterthought.

DevSecOps: Injecting security testing into iOS CI/CD pipelines

How can you develop more secure iOS apps? In this presentation, Bitrise Developer Advocate Moataz Nabil shares the best practices for injecting security into the CI/CD pipeline. Build better mobile applications, faster! Automate and accelerate with Bitrise's Mobile DevOps Platform, featuring industry-leading mobile CI/CD.

How to release Finance apps quickly and confidently with DevSecOps

Learn how to release better and more secure finance apps rapidly, by applying security measures and moving to shift-left testing in the DevOps cycles. Thank you for watching! Please feel free to comment your thoughts below. Build better mobile applications, faster! Save time, money, and developer frustration with fast, flexible, and scalable mobile CI/CD that just works.