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Shopware 6.4.11 NavigationLoader performance improvements evaluated

During Shopware Community Unconference 2022, we heard a lot about an internal performance week at Shopware, where they took tie to optimize different parts of the core of the Shopware platform. These were mostly performance problems that also affect our customers. Naturally, we are super excited about them their release in version 6.4.11. In this blog post we will look at one improvement to category navigation loading.

What is OPcache and How to Install it?

OPcache is a form of caching system that caches precompiled script bytecode in a server's memory, allowing a web page to load faster each time a user accesses it. With the OPcache PHP OPcode caching system, you can speed up your website three times. In this article, we will discuss what is OPcache and how to use it to speed up your website.

A Complete Guide to PHP Debugging

If you're using PHP or adopting a PHP application, you need to know how to debug in PHP. Debugging PHP errors in a production environment is one of the most frustrating things a developer can go through. Identifying the underlying cause is challenging when error reports are ambiguous. Nobody enjoys debugging their code. However, if you want to create great web applications, you must fully complete the process.

What are compiler optimized internal PHP functions and should you import them via use statement?

Every once in a while when browsing through open-source code, you will probably have come across internal functions that are either imported implicitly with use function array_map; like here in Doctrine or prefixed with the global namespace separator, for example \is_string($foo) like in Symfony. Curious beings as we are, you might wonder as did I: Why are they doing this? Do function calls not automatically fall back into the global namespace?

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose PHP for Website Development

PHP has become a popular choice for many to create out-of-the-box websites and web applications. So much so that most websites are powered by PHP today. A popular server-side scripting language, PHP offers many benefits in web development. If you need to create a web application or a full-fledged website for your business, then you can count on PHP to build top-notch solutions. PHP offers many advantages over other technologies empowering developers to create well-customized solutions for clients.