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Strengthening Your Data Ecosystem with Unrivaled Security

As data ecosystems evolve security becomes a paramount concern, especially within the realm of private cloud environments. Cloudera on Private Cloud with the Private Cloud Base (CDP PvC Base) stands as a beacon of innovation in the realm of data security, offering a holistic suite of features that work in concert to safeguard sensitive information.


IBM Technology Chooses Cloudera as its Preferred Partner for Addressing Real Time Data Movement Using Kafka

Organizations increasingly rely on streaming data sources not only to bring data into the enterprise but also to perform streaming analytics that accelerate the process of being able to get value from the data early in its lifecycle. As lakehouse architectures (including offerings from Cloudera and IBM) become the norm for data processing and building AI applications, a robust streaming service becomes a critical building block for modern data architectures.


Think Your Company Doesn't Need a Chief Data Officer? Here Are 7 Reasons Why It Does

Perhaps your C-suite is already a bit crowded. The typical hierarchy will include a CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, CMO, CIO, and a few more. Adding another position may not be terribly appealing, but there is one C-suite role every company should consider—chief data and analytics officer (CDO or CDAO).

Technology Spotlight: Open Data Lakehouse for Private Cloud

Cloudera emphasizes the importance of trusted data for reliable AI. We've introduced Open Data Lakehouse for private cloud, incorporating Apache Iceberg for enhanced data management and security. This empowers analysts and data scientists with direct access to all data, including real-time streaming. Iceberg's capabilities reduce silos, lower storage costs, and mitigate business risks. We also focus on scalability, introducing features like snapshots and user quotas in Apache Ozone. Cloudera prioritizes enterprise readiness with Zero Downtime Upgrades and broader hardware and software support.

Telecommunications Data Monetization Strategies in 5G and beyond with Cloudera and AWS

The world is awash with data, no more so than in the telecommunications (telco) industry. With some Cloudera customers ingesting multiple petabytes of data every single day— that’s multiple thousands of terabytes!—there is the potential to understand, in great detail, how people, businesses, cities and ecosystems function.

Fine-Tuning a Foundation Model for Multiple Tasks

In this video we discuss the reasons why fine-tuning is needed to create mroe contextual accurate LLMs, and the methods that you can do to accomplish this. We also give a demo of our newest Applied ML Prototype (AMP) which demonstrates how to implement LLM fine-tuning jobs that make use of the QLoRA and Accelerate implementations available in the PEFT open-source library from Huggingface and an example application that swaps the fine-tuned adapters in real time for inference targetting different tasks. Learn more at #ml.

Revolutionize Your Data Experience With Cloudera on Private Cloud

In the age of the AI revolution, where chatbots, generative AI, and large language models (LLMs) are taking the business world by storm, enterprises are fast realizing the need for strong data control and privacy to protect their confidential and commercially sensitive data, while still providing access to this data for context-specific AI insights.

A Hybrid, Open Data Lakehouse That Can Handle it All

Open more possibilities with an open data lakehouse. As the industry’s first open data lakehouse, Cloudera Data Platform delivers scalable performance and efficiency to enable smarter business decisions—paving the safest, fastest path from data to AI. Cloudera, together with Intel and HPE, can power analytics and AI at scale across any CSP or private cloud infrastructure.

Red Hat + Cloudera | A Hybrid Data Platform for Generative AI for FSI

Red Hat and Cloudera have joined forces to enable customers to take advantage of the cloud with full confidence, especially in the financial services industry, where data protection is critical. Red Hat Payment Industry Lead, Ramon Villarreal describes how collaborating with Cloudera provides leading financial services organizations with data resiliency, performance and expedited time to market as they leverage the cloud to move and manipulate massive amounts of data.