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Distributed tracing with Envoy, Kuma, Grafana Agent, and Jaeger

As a cloud service provider, observability is a critical subject as it's strongly related to the availability of the services running on the platform. We need to understand everything that is happening on our platform to troubleshoot errors as fast as possible and improve performance issues. A year ago, while the platform was still in private beta, we faced a tough reliability issue: users were facing random 500 errors when accessing their applications.


How to build a serverless WebSockets platform

When building modern web applications, it is increasingly important to be able to handle realtime data with an event-driven architecture to propagate messages to all connected clients instantly. Several protocols are available, but WebSocket is arguably the most widely used as it is optimized for minimum overhead and low latency. The WebSocket protocol supports bidirectional, full-duplex communication between client and server over a persistent, single-socket connection.


Heroku's free tier legacy: The shoulders we stand on 15 years later

On August 15, 2022, we learned the shocking news that free Heroku Dynos, Heroku Postgres and Heroku Data for Redis will no longer be available and existing services will either need to upgrade to a paid service or find another hosting solution by November 28, 2022. Since its conception, Heroku has changed the way developers, hobbyists, students, and indie hackers deploy applications.


What is an API Gateway?

An API gateway is a server that sits between your backend services and your users. It provides an abstraction layer that helps you manage the communication between clients and your services. API gateways are a single point of entry into a microservices application and they work like a reverse proxy: They receive API calls from clients, route them to the right microservices in the backend, and return aggregated responses to clients.

Serverless WebSockets with Azure Functions

This video complements the blog post and demo about Serverless WebSockets with Azure Functions. I'll explain how data is distributed in realtime using WebSockets in a serverless application running in Azure. The context is a multiplayer Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (ADnD) style game that is turn-based with realtime state updates. About Ably

Koyeb Serverless Platform Public Preview

Today, we are super excited to share that the Koyeb platform is available for everyone in public preview. If you don't know us yet, Koyeb is the developer platform to build, deploy and scale full-stack applications where your users are. We've been working on the platform since early 2021. The private preview has been intense with over 10,000 developers joining the community and now over 3000 applications running on the platform.


ThoughtSpot supports Amazon Redshift Serverless

As companies go all in on the cloud to dominate the decade of data, agility, flexibility, and ease of use are critical to success. That’s why we’re so excited to announce ThoughtSpot’s support for Amazon Redshift Serverless which allows customers to leverage the Modern Analytics Cloud to run and scale analytics on Amazon Redshift without having to provision and manage any data warehouse infrastructure.


A virtual device lab at your fingertips: new LambdaTest integration on board

LambdaTest is our newest Verified Step on board which allows you to perform automated and live cross-browser testing online on 3000+ real browsers and real devices. See how you can benefit by using their services combined with Bitrise!