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Koyeb Serverless Platform Public Preview

Today, we are super excited to share that the Koyeb platform is available for everyone in public preview. If you don't know us yet, Koyeb is the developer platform to build, deploy and scale full-stack applications where your users are. We've been working on the platform since early 2021. The private preview has been intense with over 10,000 developers joining the community and now over 3000 applications running on the platform.

ThoughtSpot supports Amazon Redshift Serverless

As companies go all in on the cloud to dominate the decade of data, agility, flexibility, and ease of use are critical to success. That’s why we’re so excited to announce ThoughtSpot’s support for Amazon Redshift Serverless which allows customers to leverage the Modern Analytics Cloud to run and scale analytics on Amazon Redshift without having to provision and manage any data warehouse infrastructure.

A virtual device lab at your fingertips: new LambdaTest integration on board

LambdaTest is our newest Verified Step on board which allows you to perform automated and live cross-browser testing online on 3000+ real browsers and real devices. See how you can benefit by using their services combined with Bitrise!

Level Up Your Serverless Debug Experience

The concept of someone else being responsible for your code is a huge relief. As a developer, having someone else handle the burden of managing the entire infrastructure that runs my code gives me more time to deal with the actual development. Serverless technology benefits more than just the sole developer. It reduces cost by automatically adjusting resource allocation, abstracts both network and server management, saves complexity, and improves the overall application performance.

Alexa for Bitrise CI/CD: Introduction to serverless with AWS Lambda and Bitrise API - Part 1

In this tutorial, we will share some hands-on experience on how to use the AWS Lambda, learn to design and build a Serverless function to trigger Bitrise builds with Bitrise API via the custom Lambda function.

Comparing Frameworks for Node.js Serverless Apps

Cloud deployments have gotten more complicated over the years. That’s on them, but it’s not necessarily to a fault – there’s just so much more you can do now than in the past. That blossoming in capabilities really owes itself to each new service getting easier over time. AWS, Google, and Azure started offering to relieve the burden of on-premises computing infrastructure.

Build Serverless APIs with Node.js and AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda has been around for a few years now, and it remains the most popular way to experiment with serverless technology. If you're not familiar with serverless, it's a model of development in which managing, provisioning, and scaling servers is abstracted away from application development. Servers do exist in a serverless world, but they are completely managed by the cloud provider, allowing developers to focus on packaging their code for deployment.

Debugging Lambda Applications on LocalStack

AWS Lambda applications are serverless applications that have gained popularity in the past few years, as they are very scalable (almost infinitely) and at the same time very cost-effective. LocalStack is a platform that allows developers to run Lambda applications locally on your machine. In a CI environment, debugging and testing these applications is a major challenge, as it is both complex and time-consuming.

2021 Recap: Too Fast Too Productive!

Our motto is “Observability for all!”. This has multiple meanings. We provide observability products for all the phases of the software development life cycle from development to post production. And we believe that observability is a basic need so we provide our products and services forever for free up to a pretty generous level of usage.

The true cost of Kubernetes: People, Time and Productivity

While writing a comparison of Kubernetes and Koyeb, we tried to determine how much operating a Kubernetes cluster really costs. This section of our comparison took us hours to write and ended up being so long that we decided to write a dedicated post about it. Full disclaimer: At Koyeb, we're building a serverless platform and we have a purpose-built orchestration engine.