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How to Use Laravel to Create a GraphQL API

GraphQL is a comprehensive approach to guiding software developers in constructing data-driven applications. It is sometimes referred to be a platform or programming language agnostic query language. It is, in our opinion, the new API standard, allowing client applications to request particular data from the database rather than a full record. This article will teach you some of the core ideas needed to create a GraphQL API that uses Laravel.

Programmatically Adding Laravel Middleware

When it comes to web development, middleware is often the key to ensuring everything connects up - even if some of the pieces don’t always match up. HTTP Middleware is a mechanism used to conveniently filter HTTP requests coming into your web application. When it comes to PHP, frameworks often help us get our applications to handle workloads vanilla PHP might have a harder time managing. Frameworks help to manage the underlying structure of an application while supporting existing PHP standards.