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Harness These 3 Automation Tools to Reboot Your Enterprise for Success in 2024

Learn how to implement end-to-end process automation strategies successfully. Discover which hyperautomation technologies drive immediate and future business impact in the Gartner® Emerging Tech Impact Radar: Hyperautomation Report. Discover which use cases you should focus on for business process automation. Download theGartner® Market Guide for Business Process Automation Tools.

Navigating the Future of Process Automation: Low-Code Insights for IT Leaders

Low-code is here to stay. In fact, Gartner anticipates the adoption of low-code development platforms will grow 20% per year to $44.5 billion by 2026. However, while low-code offers enterprise IT leaders undeniable advantages, its role in shaping the future of process automation is nuanced. This blog delves into the dichotomy of low-code's potential, exploring why it is the future but not the sole solution for process automation.

Intelligent Automation Examples: 5 Ways to Grow Enterprise Efficiency

Intelligent automation is a term for the combination of process automation and artificial intelligence (AI). And it’s creating efficiency gains for enterprises across industries. In this article, discover intelligent automation examples that will illuminate common use cases that enterprises should consider adopting to improve efficiency and make space for innovation.

Transforming Security Operations: The Power of Adversary Emulation

The Security Operations team at Appian is responsible for detecting, responding to, and shutting down potential cybersecurity threats against our company. As an innovative and cutting-edge security team, we put a great deal of effort into coming up with new and novel ideas for how a potential threat may manifest. Threat ideas can come from domain industry experience, interacting with internal stakeholders, or reading security blogs.

Surprising Takeaways from Appian's Developer Sentiment Survey

Choosing the right development platform can be pivotal for a developer's career trajectory, job satisfaction, and the quality of solutions they’re able to create. The latest data from the Appian Developer Sentiment Survey revealed that the Appian Platform not only advances developer careers but also redefines what they can achieve in the digital landscape. Developers are increasingly recognizing the value of Appian for enhancing job prospects and attaining overall job satisfaction.

What Is Data Democratization? Explanation, Benefits, and Best Practices

Data democratization is an enterprise initiative to improve data-driven decision-making throughout an organization. Data democratization breaks down silos and promptly delivers data to the people who need it to make informed decisions. Data democratization has two core tenets: data access and data literacy. Both are simple in theory, difficult in practice. Data literacy is the ability to understand, analyze, interpret, and communicate with data.

Getting Started with Insurance Modernization

If you have a legacy system with customized capabilities and valuable features but nearing end of life, refactoring the system is a potential choice for modernization. Insurance platform modernization usually involves one-to-one code migration, which can often be more costly and time consuming than expected and typically tends to miss some of the integration and data architecture modernization that is foundational for getting the full value of digitization.

Hyperautomation for Insurance: Your Roadmap to Modernization

What is hyperautomation for insurance? It might sound like just another buzzword, but let’s peel back the layers to see how hyperautomation works. Imagine this: you go on a deep dive to evaluate your insurance company’s processes and operational models. You discover inefficiencies, lag times, and that your team manages transactions with disparate, often manual processes. It’s clear you need a new solution. And the solution you need doesn’t currently exist.