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Design Your Ideal Business Process-And Your Dream Vacation Itinerary

In the first of this three-part blog series, Discover, Design and Automate Your Way to Business Agility, Speed, and. . . the Caribbean?, we introduced similarities between vacation planning and moving your business through digital transformation. In part 1, we explored the discovery phase: finding out how process mining helps identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your business processes so you can optimize and automate with agility and speed.

What Are the Benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a technology used to automate manual, rule-based, repetitive tasks within your business processes. This can help free up human workers so they can focus more on the activities that require human logic, reasoning, and emotion. RPA can also be used as a quick and easy way to connect to legacy systems that don't use application programming interfaces (APIs).

Demo: Connected KYC (Know Your Customer) Solution

Financial institutions use Know Your Customer (KYC) policies, procedures, and systems to reduce business risk. But fragmented processes, manual intervention, and lack of operational insight pose significant challenges for compliance teams and can negatively impact overall customer experience. Watch this demo to learn how Appian Connected KYC helps FSIs use modern automation, low-code workflows, and integrations to streamline, standardize, and secure the KYC process for continuous monitoring, faster time to revenue and a frictionless experience.

A Chat with John Trapani, Appian's Newest Financial Services Leader

Financial services organizations, like those across many other industries, struggle with systemic issues brought on by disjointed, outdated core technologies. That’s why Appian serves the financial services industry—to deliver solutions that minimize the strain those issues cause. To best serve industries’ unique needs, Appian invests in experts with years of first-hand experience.

Discover, Design, and Automate Your Way to Business Agility, Speed, and...the Caribbean?

With winter in the rearview, you’re not alone if you’re daydreaming about a few days away from the office. Yes, you deserve a relaxing getaway. But a top-notch, Caribbean vacation? Spoiler alert: it won’t happen by chance or without some coordinated effort on your part. You could wing it—book a quick flight and see where the wind takes you. But if you’re fully committed to stretching your limbs on a secluded beach, you need a plan.

4 Supply Chain Challenges Facing Telecommunications Organizations

Over the past several years, supply chain shocks have battered organizations across industry sectors—from life sciences to retail to oil and gas. Telecommunications companies have felt the pain as well. Between semiconductor shortages, shifts in demand, and labor and equipment shortfalls, telecommunications companies face their share of supply chain challenges.

Unlocking the Power of Connected Insurance

To stay ahead of today's rapidly evolving technology landscape and skyrocketing customer demands, insurers need to transform their digital ecosystem to deliver an omni-channel, connected insurance experience. At this year's InsurTech Insight conference, Gijsbert Cox, Insurance industry lead at Appian, hosted a session to discover how to deliver the connected insurance journey today's customer's demand while increasing efficiency and profitability.

4 Ways Transportation Companies Can Enhance their Supply Chain Operations

Transportation companies hold together the world’s supply chain. Shipping goods internationally, transporting fuel from refineries, bringing products to retail outlets, and delivering packages last mile to consumers’ homes—transportation is the glue of the economy. This responsibility comes with enormous pressure. These companies are on the hook when deliveries run late due to things like shipping container shortages.