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Reinventing the Healthcare Enterprise with Analytics

Whether you work in a hospital, long-term care facility, clinical lab, or a HealthTech company, all workers in the healthcare sector today are focused on value-based care and cost efficiencies. For organizations intent on streamlining processes, an analytics tool is the logical next step. Undoubtedly, embedded analytics solutions deliver the best outcomes.

Creating a Custom Safety Testing Plan to Suit the Needs of Your Medical Device

Medical devices are critical as they are often used in life-threatening situations and have a direct impact on a patient’s healthcare, which means early medical testing is essential to ensure safety and reliability. To ensure fully-functional medical device software, enterprises should adopt effective and efficient software quality assurance practices. Either they can devise an in-house custom safety testing plan or reach out to the independent testing service providers who are at the cusp of #medicaldevice #testing expertise.

Creating a Custom Safety Testing Plan to Suit the Needs of Your Medical Device

Digital disruption has impacted the healthcare industry enormously and kick started various innovations in the area of medical devices. This helped people to connect effectively with the latest medical devices embedding software that delivers better healthcare services. Medical devices are critical for patient care as they directly impact human lives by providing vital data and opinions derived from them. Software glitches trigger several risks to medical devices and patients’ wellbeing.

Winning with Analytics: The Transformation of Clinical Trials for Scientists

The end goal of clinical technology organizations in the US and abroad is to use modern technology to bring life-saving new treatments to fruition. Leaders in this sphere help generate the evidence and insights to help biotech, pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic companies accelerate value, minimize risk, and optimize outcomes. Life sciences clients recognize that technology is the answer to inefficiencies and delays in delivering new treatments to the public.

Validation and its Approach to Healthcare and Life Science Applications

Validation is the most used and common term to verify the GxP systems, whether they are in systems or in labs. All the required precautions should be followed and maintained every time to keep the system compliant that is used directly or indirectly in the healthcare system. GxP and its Function: One of the major goals and the most concerning things for any healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, which they always struggle to maintain the balance and try to sort out, is safety.

Turning data into a life-saving asset

A global leader in pharmaceuticals found themselves faced with a unique spin on a common challenge: Their biopharmaceutical division — responsible for producing vaccines and generating over $1 billion in annual sales — was struggling to turn raw data into trusted insights. Data underlies everything the global pharmaceutical company does, however, without data they can trust, they would be at risk of taking longer to get vaccines to market and incurring higher expenses along the way.

Why Can't we Advance Healthcare and Life Sciences this Fast all the time?

Vaccine development became the top priority for the life sciences industry – delivering new vaccines at unprecedented speed and maneuvering large-scale production processes. Numerous factors helped accelerate the vaccine roll-out including prior research, genome sequencing, jumping the FDA approval queue and a plethora of testing volunteers. So now that we’ve experienced these advancements, how can the industry keep momentum to speed-up innovative solutions across healthcare?