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Case Study Spain's Leading Platform for Extra-Curricular Activities Deploys 10x Faster with Koyeb is an all-in-one booking platform for kids' activities in Spain. Offering more than 2,000 classes, camps, and events to over 17,000 monthly visitors, is on a mission to help parents navigate the complex world of extra-curricular activities and to help activity organizers manage and grow their businesses. For businesses, streamlines bookings, payments, and client management. This year, plans to serve over 15,000 businesses and 50,000 families.

How Tuist migrated from GitHub Actions to Codemagic for faster and more reliable CI

Headline: The transition to Codemagic made our CI builds faster and more reliable and positively impacted the experience of contributors contributing to our open-source project, Tuist. Thanks to Codemagic’s support, we can bring new free goods to the Swift community and the ecosystem of app developers.

NatWest automates to keep ahead of the digital challenge.

The NatWest team found opportunities to automate 46% of data in their governance processes. Using Appian’s data fabric, NatWest created a unified data model that integrated 14 disjointed processes, aligning with the company’s "One Bank" vision. This consistent architecture enables employees to enter data once and reuse it throughout the change cycle, enhancing risk control with higher levels of automation.

FoxSell's Journey to Time, Cost, and Performance Optimization with Koyeb

Today, e-commerce has become much of the world's preferred way to shop, thanks to its convenience and accessibility. With more shoppers looking at online stores, both small and large businesses alike need to establish their presence in the online marketplace. A key player in this transition is Shopify, a game-changing commerce platform that simplifies building, customizing, growing, and managing an online store.

University of British Columbia HART Accelerates Deployments with Koyeb

In the face of Canada’s housing crisis, the University of British Columbia’s Housing Assessment Resource Tools (HART) set out to make government census data more accessible. By developing more intuitive tools and offering valuable resources, HART plays a key role in providing essential information for governments, housing developers, and the public to make informed, data-driven decisions.

Codemagic helps Mobi Lab deliver mission-critical projects while saving them time and money

I am a software engineer and part of a team at Mobi Lab, a design agency. In Mobi Lab, we build successful digital products and augmented reality solutions for people on the go. In this post, I will share what we have learned about the importance of continuous integration and delivery (“CI/CD”) and how Codemagic improves our workflow and makes our clients happy.