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DBS Discusses Data+FinOps for Banking

DBS Bank Head of Automation, Infrastructure for DBS Big Data, AI and Analytics Luis Carlos Cruz Huertas has a 1-on-1 discussion with Unravel CEO and Co-founder Kunal Agarwal about the convergence of DataOps and FinOps. The discussion, Leading Cultural Change for Data Efficiency, Agility, and Cost Optimization, was held at a recent Untap event in New York and revolves around best practices, lessons learned, and insights on.

Goldcast is revolutionizing Martech with ThoughtSpot Everywhere

Goldcast, a pioneering marketing technology (Martech) startup, has joined forces with ThoughtSpot Everywhere to change the game in the industry. By embedding ThoughtSpot's powerful analytics platform into Goldcast's marketing automation software, they've created a game-changing solution that's transforming the way businesses use data to drive marketing success.

Tzag Elita and ClearML: Powering the Future of AI Workflows

The world of artificial intelligence and machine learning is constantly evolving, with new challenges and innovations emerging every day. Tzag Elita is a leading provider of HPC and AI solutions in Israel, and understands the importance of staying ahead of the curve and delivering cutting-edge solutions to their customers. That’s why ClearML is excited to announce our partnership with Tzag Elita.

Testsigma Success Stories | How Hansard successfully automated its test cycles with Testsigma

Hansard, a global financial conglomerate, has automated its testing efforts and massively reduced test cycle times with Testsigma. This video is about how they did it and what they think of Testsigma. Are you looking for a powerful low-code automation solution? Try Testsigma today!

How Caris Life Sciences achieved a compliant development process with Xray and Jira Snapshots

Caris Life Sciences® (Caris) is a leader in precision medicine. Their molecular profiling tests help Oncologists diagnose and treat their cancer patients. Caris is also deep in clinical research, supporting the development of tomorrow's treatments. With more than 1,300 employees, Caris has offices in the United States, Japan and Switzerland and provides services throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and other international markets.


North Labs: Automating processes and saving 10+ hours per week

North Labs is an end-to-end data consultancy enabling business transformation in the areas of DevSecOps, Data Engineering, and Cloud. The team serves highly regulated industries with their mission-critical digital implementations, while simultaneously safeguarding data and ensuring compliance.


How Katalon and QualityKiosk Streamline Testing Activities for the Largest Bank in India

The customer is one of the largest private-sector banks in India that has been leading the way in innovation and customer service. With a network of over 5,500 branches and 15,000 ATMs across the country, this bank offers a range of financial products and services to its customers, including personal banking, corporate banking, wealth management, insurance, and investment banking.

Iccrea Cooperative Banking Group: 13 Banking Applications in 1 Year with Low-Code

Iccrea Cooperative Banking Group, the fourth largest Italian Banking Institution, has adopted the Appian Low-code Automation Platform to streamline their business processes, from Fraud Management to New Product Oversight and Governance to Anti-Money Laundering. The IT and Business departments collaborated with agile methodologies, delivering 13 applications in one year. Watch their story to see how they reduced fraud management processing time by 75% and how they are now able to deliver new products faster to their affiliated banks in Italy.