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Continuous Testing for Dummies

The Continuous Testing for Dummies is a limited edition e-book from IBM that explains the basics and features of continuous testing, a DevOps practice area, and one of the most ardently followed software quality assurance processes today. Continuous testing is defined as the process of continually executing automated tests throughout the software delivery lifecycle so that teams can identify potential risk areas well in advance during the development stage itself, leading to faster release cycles and better software quality.

Service Virtualisation for Dummies

Service virtualisation simulates the behavior of select components within an application to enable end-to-end testing of the application as a whole. Test environments can use virtual services in lieu of the production services to conduct integration testing earlier in the development process, helping companies create more efficient testing environments by eliminating many of the roadblocks that testing teams typically encounter.

DevOps for Dummies

DevOps is the newest best practice philosophy for software development processes. In short, DevOps (Development and Operations) is an approach based on lean and agile principles in which business owners and the development, operations, and quality assurance departments collaborate to deliver software in a continuous manner that enables the business to more quickly seize market opportunities and reduce the time to include customer feedback. IBM sees DevOps as a business-driven approach to software delivery.

How to Build a Culture of Innovation in Your Organisation

Our businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on technology with each passing month and year. Particularly since the COVID-19 pandemic two years ago, digital technology in the workplace has matured at a staggering pace. Companies across all industries have been demanding more speed, agility, and flexibility since the global shift to remote work and technology has delivered across the board.


Your Guide to Software Testing Automation in 2022 and Beyond

With new technology solutions and digital tools emerging all the time, the state of software testing is constantly changing. As the technology matures, the capabilities of testing automation evolve, presenting opportunities to increase the quality and efficiency of your software testing. Keeping up with the pace of change is difficult for most organisations.


The Power of Mentorship

Hello to the Testhouse family! This is my second blog in a series of posts aimed at sharing insights into things I have learned or experienced in my career in testing to date. If you find anything that sparks your interest or have follow up questions, then please do let me know. In my last blog, I touched on mentorship, conferences, and the value of networking. This blog continues the mentoring theme and focuses on the benefits of having a mentor, and how you can go about finding one.


Testing Enterprise SaaS Applications

Companies acquire enterprise SaaS applications (such as Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, ServiceNow or Workday) to accelerate business capabilities. However, the complexity increases as businesses begin to customise and integrate solutions to suit their business requirements. So, the cost of overlooking testing the application can be catastrophic in the form of monetary and reputational damage.


Networking, Mentorship and the Value of Conferences

Hello to the Testhouse family! This is what I hope will be the first in a series of blog posts aimed at sharing insights into things I have learned or experienced in my career in testing to date. If you find anything that sparks your interest, or have follow up questions, then please do let me know. This first blog is about mentorship, conferences, and the value of networking; I hope you find taking a few minutes to read this will be time well spent!