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Introduction Build Insights

A quick introduction to the Insights dashboard on Bitrise. Build Insights is a monitoring tool that provides you a convenient means to check in on your build performance and track accompanying metrics. With a quick scan, you can see how all your apps and workflows are doing. If something doesn't look right, drill in for more details to understand where the problem is on app, Workflow, and Step level. To optimize your builds, you can use the data from the following main areas.

What's an E-Commerce Dashboard? & Why Does it Matter?

The essential things to know about e-commerce dashboards are: Choosing an e-commerce platform like Shopify is just the first step when building an online business. In order to make smarter business decisions and boost your online sales and marketing campaigns, you’ll need information about how your e-commerce site is performing. That’s exactly what an e-commerce dashboard is designed to accomplish.

Introducing Profile Dashboards in Moesif

We are excited to announce that Profile Dashboards are now live within Moesif! We have designed Profile Dashboards to enable customer-facing teams with a convenient way to monitor and analyze your customer’s account health. This new feature provides customer specific information in an easy and consistent fashion. Profile Dashboards allow you to see a personalized dashboard for specific users and companies.

The Usability of Dashboards (Part 1): Does Anyone Actually Use These Things?

Dashboards showing ever-increasing levels of information are more and more in demand, but perhaps less and less understood. In particular, application teams selling products are pushed by their customers to include “high-level overviews” and “real-time information” in their software. But do they use that information? How often? And what for? Sometimes a dashboard is a critical piece of software enabling near-instantaneous responses to extinction-level business catastrophes.

Fundamentally better dashboards with the power of AI and ML

At Sisu, we think a lot about how people work, how decisions are made, and how we can use data to help where it matters most. One core way we do this is by enabling people to go beyond reporting a metric change to help them quickly understand why that metric changed, empowering data analysts to answer more questions, faster and helping decision makers to efficiently and confidently decide what actions to take next.

Building Your Own In-App Charts? Use Moesif Embedded Templates Instead!

Certain products can benefit from having real-time charts displayed within them. Whether it is an internal or external application, metrics truly come to life when they are displayed nicely. In the past, to display such graphics you would need to implement your own charting tool, map the data or metrics into the tool, and then maintain this implementation. Overall, it was a very inefficient and cumbersome way to display data visually within your applications.

Qlik Sense SaaS in 60 - Auto-generated period over period analysis dashboard

This week we introduce new Insight Advisor auto-generated period over period analysis chart types presented in the form of a period over period analysis dashboard. Exploring data in Discovery Mode, using Insight Advisor, will automatically create a period over period analysis dashboard for you to explore when using date fields and those defined calendar periods within business logic.