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How to Create a Pie Chart in Yellowfin Dashboards

Welcome to the latest entry in Yellowfin Japan’s ‘How to?’ blog series! In our previous blog, we went through how to create big number and vertical column charts in Yellowfin, as well as how to add a 'back-to-top button to your dashboard. We categorized the charts to be displayed on the dashboard by aggregation axis, and created charts that aggregate on the axis of Year.

Best CFO KPIs and Dashboards for the 2024 CFO

What is kpi in business? A CFO Key Performance Indicator (KPI) or metric is a quantifiable high level measure of financial performance. These KPIs can be considered a specific subset of financial KPIs, used to help a CFO make informed decisions that steer their company in the right direction. These performance metrics can also be used to measure a company’s financial performance relative to competitors in the same industry.

How to Add a 'Back to Top' Button to Your Yellowfin Dashboard

Welcome back to Yellowfin Japan’s ‘How to?’ blog series! In our previous blog, we went through how to create big number and vertical column charts in Yellowfin, and the many different charting options available in Yellowfin Canvas. Before we re-visit our regular series, we want to share a shorter dashboard walkthrough.

Dashboard design: 5 essential tips and considerations for 2024

A beautiful dashboard requires careful consideration for the audience throughout its design. Here are 5 essential considerations and tips for better looking dashboards. For many people, it can be hard to interpret data if it isn’t presented in a simplified way. They get cognitive overload, intimidated by what’s on screen, or misinterpret what you intend to communicate. Often, they may not use dashboards for their work altogether.

20 Examples of Actionable Marketing Dashboards

Actionable marketing dashboards are a key to any marketing campaign. To get the most out of your campaign, it’s important to choose the marketing dashboard that will best fit your business goals. Read on to learn more about actionable marketing dashboards, what makes a good marketing dashboard, and discover 20 examples of marketing dashboards filled with valuable insights.

Data Visualization Best Practices: Making Your Data Shine

Effective data visualization is an important aspect of creating impactful and actionable reflections of key metrics in today’s business environment. Our five key takeaways are: This piece explores data visualization best practices and core principles, from integration to analysis, and the skills you need to create stunning dashboards, breathe life into your KPIs, and discover the secret to designing data visuals that shine.

Ask Me Anything About Building Dashboards

Yellowfin makes it possible to combine action-based dashboards, automated data discovery, and data storytelling into a single, integrated, seamless platform — right in your user’s core workflow. Watch this “Ask Me Anything” session for a walkthrough of the basics of building a dashboard along with some tips and tricks, followed by a Q&A session.

LiveRamp Customers Build 'Foundation of Identity' With Snowflake Native Apps

The best marketing is truly data-driven, creating powerful product promotions and offers through an understanding of customer needs and preferences. But for many organizations, building this understanding is more akin to solving an ever-growing jigsaw puzzle (with no easy edge pieces!) than reading data insights from a beautiful dashboard.

5 Best Power BI Dashboards for 2024

Organizations rely on accurate, real-time data to make informed decisions. Almost 64% state big data—and the ability to analyze it—is one of the most important investments to gain an edge over the competition. Through accurate calculations based on reliable data companies can make critically complex, real-time business decisions. Power BI is one of today’s go-to data visualization tools for data-driven businesses relying on precise, reliable, real-time data to generate valuable insights.