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Shared Data Reporting: Deep Excel Functionality Meets Web-Based Dashboards

Finance teams are no strangers to pressure. But now more than ever, challenges from both outside and inside organizations are testing your resiliency. Inflation, economic uncertainty, and swiftly-changing regulations significantly impact finance professionals. Every organization has roadblocks like budgetary restraints, data limitations, and clunky, manual processes.


The top 11 React chart libraries for data visualization

In today’s data-driven world, presenting data in a visually compelling manner is paramount for user engagement and clarity. React, a premier library for building UIs, has an extensive UI component ecosystem which offers many options for integrating charts. From business analytics dashboards to scientific data displays, the right charting library can transform numbers into insightful narratives.


Create trusted insights with Verified Liveboards

ThoughtSpot users can easily create content with data using our intuitive, AI-powered search experience. However, business users sometimes find themselves asking a critical question: which content should I trust and use for my specific business use case? For example, if there are ten “Sales Performance” Liveboards created by different authors, you may wonder which is the golden version—the Liveboard that is reviewed, approved, and consistently maintained.


How Geckoboard Uses Ghost Inspector to Keep Thousands of Real-Time Data Dashboards Running Smoothly [Case Study]

Numbers don’t lie, and it’s Geckoboard’s mission to equip data-driven companies with high-quality, real-time KPIs that help motivate teams, gauge performance, and assist in important decision-making. Because of its user-friendly interface and far-reaching data accessibility, Geckoboard boasts a client list in the thousands, including Ticketmaster, Airtable, Loom, and StanleyBlack&Decker.


How to use Next.js and Recharts to build an information dashboard

One of the common methods that businesses and organizations use to make sense of their complex and scattered data is data visualization. Data visualizations provide a quick way to understand the masses of data collected - - providing easy access to insights needed to drive growth. A dashboard is a data visualization tool that is commonly found in enterprise web applications.


Let Real-Time Data Visualization Drive Your Storytelling

Stories are the crux of effective communication. According to a Stanford University study, nearly two-thirds of people remember a story that’s part of a presentation. The study also found that speakers who merely present facts and figures only achieve a 5% recall rate among their audience. When your customers deliver analytics and reporting, the data visualization experience should be a memorable one.