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Introducing Qlik Cloud Government - Analytics for U.S. Federal Sector - FedRAMP Authorized

Qlik Cloud Government is now FedRAMP Authorized and Mission Ready Qlik would like to announce our SaaS solution for the U.S. Federal and Public Sector with Qlik Cloud Government. A new platform entirely designed specifically to meet the varied needs of our customers including the U.S. Public sector, offering a modern analytics platform built for speed, security, and scale.

#shorts - Monitor Resource Consumption in the Qlik Cloud QMC

Administrators can monitor purchased and used amounts of different capacities in the Home pane in the Qlik Cloud Management Console. The pane gives you an overview of the consumption of user allocations, data capacity, reloads, and other capacity-based resources. It also shows a list of the capabilities that are enabled with your subscription and the limits on the capabilities.

Insights Ready Data To Move the World

The data we generate, store, and share is growing exponentially as the world inexorably digitizes. With the global data sphere expected to double in size by 2026 as organizations and consumers increasingly go online, automate, and digitize processes, the right tools are required to mine this massive trove of valuable data coming from a widening and diverse pool of sources globally. The competitive edge gained by rapidly converting complex data into business insights is a crucial growth driver.

Connector Factory Announcement

This year Qlik will greatly expand its existing set of 250+ connectors with many new connectors for Qlik Cloud Data Integration as well as connectors for analytics and application automation - with the introduction of Connector Factory. With Connector Factory, Qlik aims to provide universal connectivity to the expanding range of enterprise SaaS data applications and sources, creating additional value from real-time data delivery to cloud repositories, direct access for analytics, and taking direct action by linking to other applications.

Three Ways to Use Data to Drive a More Strategic Approach to People In 2023

Business priorities, and therefore people priorities, are shifting at a pace like never before thanks to increasing interest rates, energy prices, political uncertainty, global supply constraints, and issues finding and funding expensive talent. People and HR leaders are going to be under considerable pressure to adapt and evolve quickly throughout 2023 in order to support their CEO’s much bigger focus on the workforce.


Seven Ways to Gain Data Clarity in An Uncertain Climate

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for everyone over the last few years, with particular pressure on Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) to support CEOs steering their organizations through things none of us expected to experience in our lifetime. Unfortunately, with the financial markets going into turmoil over the last few months and consumers of all shapes and sizes starting to cut back on spending, the uncertainty isn’t going to stop anytime soon.

SaaS In 60 - The Business Glossary

The Business Glossary helps eliminate data confusion by providing a comprehensive library of terms and descriptions that clearly identify how an organization defines its metrics measures and dimensions. It can streamline data-based decisions by eliminating misunderstandings due to competing terminologies or inconsistencies between technology definitions and business language. And a glossary can simplify regulatory compliance and serve as an important tool for data governance.