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Digital Transformation


API Automation: Do More with Less with this Key to Digital Transformation

Organizations today are looking to do more with less. The solution for many? Digital transformation. While digital transformation isn’t a new concept, the benefits of boosting efficiency, controlling costs, and delivering better customer experiences are obvious in today’s topsy-turvy economic conditions. Digital transformation often involves making the transition from legacy monoliths to modern cloud native microservices-based architectures.


3 Disadvantages of Data Silos That Slow Digital Transformation

Your organization has an unstoppable digital transformation plan—at least that’s what you thought before you started encountering the disadvantages of data silos. Your teams were fired up and ready to go, but data separated by different systems created obstacle after obstacle to your digital transformation dreams.


How Digital Transformation is Powering the Utility Sector?

In a world where technology reigns supreme, there’s a revolution underway that’s turning industries upside down and blowing everyone’s minds. What are we talking about here? It’s called digital transformation, and it has literally become more than just a buzzword, like a game-changer. And not just among a few industries but rather every single industry present in this world!


Tricentis wins 2023 National Technology Award for Digital Transformation of the Year

We’re thrilled to announce that Tricentis has been honored with the prestigious Digital Transformation of the Year award at the 7th annual National Technology Awards. The awards celebrate pioneers of technology and are open to any technology provider or financial institution with a UK office. Winners are selected across 35 categories, including Digital Transformation of the Year.


P&C Insurance Digital Transformation: Full Guide

Digital transformation revolutionized the way we approach our daily lives. Many businesses have embraced the many possibilities digital transformation brings. P&C insurance digital transformation is a particularly unique case due to the industry's highly regulated nature. According to a survey conducted in 2022 by Publicis Sapient on 250 policyholders from the US and Canada, 36% reported that they switched to providers with a better digital experience.


How does DevOps influence Digital Transformation?

Today’s world has become undeniably digital. New technologies from social media to LIVE GPS systems and AI machines, make the world unrecognizable from even 20 years ago. If you’re feeling uncertain at the speed of change, hold tight. It’s only going to get faster. The pace at which disruptive technologies are arriving is accelerating – and they’re changing how businesses are flourishing.


Accelerate Your Digital Transformation with Cigniti-LambdaTest Partnership

The world is continuously changing and evolving. Technology is at the heart of almost every business, and organizations need help to keep up with the pace of change. We are all familiar with digital transformation, but what does it mean? How can you use continuous testing to accelerate your digital transformation efforts?


Digital Banking Transformation in 2023

In 2023 and beyond, digital transformation will continue to be a prominent trend in banking. How? Well, technology, like its influence on other emerging markets, is gradually transforming the field of financial services in every manner. However, the sector has a long road ahead, as banks are still experimenting digitally. Meanwhile, consumer behavior and demands have also evolved to a great extent.


6 Digital Transformation Trends for 2023

Digital transformation has been a buzzword for quite some time, but the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for organizations to adopt digital solutions. As we enter a new year, it’s worth taking a closer look at the top digital transformation trends that will shape business strategies in 2023. We’ll explore six key trends that will help organizations stay ahead of the curve and achieve digital transformation success.


3 Low-Risk Digital Transformation Strategies

Digital transformation is one of the hottest new business models in the enterprise today. Going through this process places digital technologies front and center in all of a company’s strategic goals. And it’s not an easy undertaking, either. You’ll need to contemplate and analyze core business functions carefully. You’ll also need to involve change management and invest time and resources, but the potential rewards are many.