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Digital Transformation

The Best Business Digital Transformation Software

Whether you’re a new business or a well-established company, in the 21st-century business world, data reigns king. To stay relevant in the current age, every business must invest in some form of digital transformation. The best business transformation software can help your business’s transformation. If your company isn’t incorporating digital technologies into your business strategy, you’ll soon be left in the dust of your competitors.

Digital Transformation Frameworks: Why You Need One and How to Start

The move to digital technologies has been taking place at a meteoric pace. Many businesses are forced into a position, where they must either deploy new solutions they may not be ready for or risk falling behind the competition. In their efforts to rapidly improve customer experience, enhance internal processes, capitalize on market opportunities, or optimize other operational processes, they often end up taking a more makeshift approach to digital transformation.

What Is AWS? Modern Technology Fueling Digital Transformation

In today’s fast-paced, digital-first economy, companies must continually find ways to innovate and remain relevant. Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing platform gives companies the tools to be agile in a competitive environment and keep up with customer demand. This guide discusses what is AWS, its most common use cases for the cloud infrastructure, and what services AWS offers to support a digital transformation.

Accelerate Digital Transformation by Migrating Core Banking to the Cloud

No two banks are alike. Similarly, the cloud migration strategy for each bank will be unique based on various factors like the existing core system, delivery of cloud model, cloud deployment model, and the type of modernization. The important factor here is to collaborate with the right cloud services provider and the right technology partner, says Vishnu Vardhan Vankayala, Associate Principal Consultant, Cigniti Technologies.

Digital Assurance: Sweeping Away Digital Complexity

In the first blog in this series, I introduced the Digital Complexity Paradigm (DCP) – which, broken down in simple terms, attempts to capture the significantly increased complexity and speed at which digital transformation (and evolution) needs to be delivered. That complexity and speed are then compounded by the absolute need for unquestionable quality. In this next blog, we will look at technical complexity as it applies to the DCP.

Accelerating Digital Transformation Through the Cloud

Digital transformation calls for creating newer business models to stay relevant and thrive in a dynamic ecosystem. Enterprises must continuously innovate to stay ahead of the curve, and the cloud is the catalyst that drives innovation. When businesses start to adapt their processes to a digital environment, they require scalability, cost and work efficiency, elasticity, and agility. Though cloud technology offers a plethora of benefits, it’s not an easy task. Engaging a dedicated cloud service provider for your cloud migration project will ease your cloud transition journey.

Accelerating Digital Transformation Through the Cloud

Whether you agree or not, conventional businesses have become redundant by the advent of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, IoT and ML. Today, rapidly changing customer needs are forcing enterprises to evolve, adopt and devise strategies where they can surgically strike offers to a segment of few rather than blast a shotgun of offerings to an uninterested many.

Transforming a Manufacturing Chain? Consider the Benefits of APIs

Digital transformation is happening rapidly, especially following the pandemic. Those who do not implement key strategies will be left behind. Some industries are adapting more quickly than others. However, few have unlocked digital technologies’ full potential, including the manufacturing industry. Transforming a manufacturing chain requires integrating and applying advanced digital technologies, but many remain wary, despite growing evidence that digital adoption supports ongoing growth.

Building a Digital Transformation Blueprint

Are you looking to make your business more efficient and competitive in the digital age? If so, you need to implement a digital transformation strategy. A solid digital transformation blueprint can help your business stay ahead of the curve and keep up with the latest trends. This article will discuss what a digital transformation is and how you can implement one for your business.