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Critical Role of API Security in the Retail Domain - Challenges and Solutions

The retail sector is in a paradigm shift of digital transformation, with an anticipated 25% of global retail poised to migrate online by 2025. APIs facilitate digital-first shopping experiences in this evolving landscape, allowing retailers to swiftly adapt and enhance their systems. They empower retailers to extend services like online orders with in-store pickups, curbside delivery, and personalized online shopping recommendations, catering to remote customers’ preferences.

Ensuring performance: How major retailers leverage user traffic to validate code changes

As featured on Software development and testing is ultimately all in preparation for go-live. But what if you could predict how your go-live could go wrong? In this webinar, learn how traffic-based tests and mocks can accurately simulate peak load conditions, ensure performance, and increase your top line revenue.

Beyond Data-Driven: How Today's Leading Retailers Are Leveraging Insights to Sell Better

Supply chain disruption continues to affect retailers, consumer packaged goods companies (CPGs), and customers. Constraints on the ability to produce goods have limited the availability of in-demand products, leading to inflation. Not only are manufacturers not making enough products in line with demand in industries such as automotive and electronics, at the same time, those products have become much more expensive.


The Winning Retail Formula Today Is and Not or

In the Age of the Consumer, loyalty often equals the absence of something better. To sustain loyalty, we must continuously earn it in every interaction. That means today’s winning Retailers must provide: Clearly, this is easier said than done. Delivering the compelling experiences that consumers expect is a tall order, and it requires a consumer-obsessed culture of quality focused on the Consumer Journey.


13 Best Free Retail Datasets for Machine Learning

The retail industry has been shaped and fundamentally transformed by disruptive technologies in the past decade. From AI assisted customer service experiences to advanced robotics in operations, retailers are pursuing new technologies to address margin strains and rising customer expectations.


From Silos to Synergy: Navigating the Complexities of Omnichannel Supply Chain in Retail

A study by Harvard Business Review found that almost 73% of shoppers utilize multiple channels during their shopping journey, with only 7% being online-only shoppers and 20% being store-only shoppers. As the holiday season approaches and major sales events like Black Friday loom, retailers face the daunting task of managing a massive influx of merchandise. The complexity amplifies during the crucial last mile of the supply chain when customers switch from home delivery to in-store pickup.