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How to migrate tests from Excel to Xray | Xray Tutorial

Are you a part of the 40% still trying to manage their tests with Excel? There’s a better way. A native test management solution like Xray keeps your tests organized, so you can easily release quality software. If you’re ready to make the jump to Xray, you can import hundreds of tests from CSV files to Xray.

Embracing remote-first: how we communicate and collaborate at Ably

Like many other companies, Ably began working remotely because of the Covid pandemic. In time, we discovered that a remote-first approach is well suited and a key driver to our success. Remote-first makes the most sense to us, considering our mission and the goals we want to achieve. It has many perks, such as being able to hire diverse talent from all over the globe, as well as reaching more customers with our technology and product offering.


Adobe is buying Figma because building collaborative experiences is hard

Yesterday, Thursday 15th September, Adobe agreed to buy the collaborative design tool Figma for $20bn. Figma is a browser-based tool that enables team members to work together simultaneously to create, modify and comment upon designs in realtime. It’s part of a new breed of online tools that enable the creative process to be live and collaborative. Figma was rumored to be in the running for acquisition by Microsoft, and Adobe has paid top price to snap it up.

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Chanty - A Collaboration Tool That Helps Get Work Done, Together

How many emails do you receive and send each day to your coworkers on average? And how long does it typically take for you to update your team on the progress or objectives of your tasks? You should think about changing your collaboration tools if your productivity bothers you. There are many software solutions for team collaboration and communication. With so many alternatives available in the market, it might get difficult to choose the best one for yourself and your team.


6 JIRA Integrations for Software Testing

Project managers are required to manage people, teams, and tools. They accept accountability for the broader picture. Jira is a prominent project management program that is owned by Atlassian. Jira is a fantastic tool for both developers and testers. Many integrations enhance Jira's use for development teams. This post discusses some of the best Jira integrations for quality assurance, software testing, and test management that allow developers and testers to collaborate effortlessly.

How to use Applitools Eyes to perform automated visual tests with Xray | Tutorial

👉 Learn how easy it is to perform automated visual tests with Applitools Eyes and report the test results back to Xray. With Xray, you can have full visibility into all of your test automation results, and allow non-technical users to participate in test automation.

What's the Best Version Control For Designers?

Version control is an essential tool for developers. But today, development includes more than just code. Using version control for artist and designers centralizes collaboration and secures valuable digital assets. In this blog, we break down why version control is so important for designers. And we answer — what's the best version control for designers and artists? Read on to learn more + see how a media company scaled Photoshop versioning.