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Top Twitter Analytics Tools to Help You Create Your Twitter Strategy

Twitter is a social media platform for professionals. Its use of limited characters helps followers to stick to the message. It is also a platform for brands to engage their customers and publicize their products easily. To achieve publicity and communication goals, you need analytical tools. The tools help you to understand how people are engaging with your handle. The tools also enable you to develop customized messages for each cluster of followers.

9 Effective Social Listening Tools That Startup Founders Can Use

Social listening is where you monitor various social networks to gather insights about your business. You can also do this to know what people are saying about you and your competitors. That way, you would know how you can get ahead of the game. As such, you must be using the right social listening tools. That’s because these tools will make it easy for you to do some sleuthing about your target market and competitors.

Buffer: The Social Media All-rounder

It’s been a while since the digital era took off. But with the onset of the pandemic when businesses and industries had to move to online platforms, the need for it became extremely evident. Be it for marketing purposes or selling products and services, today, every business makes use of online channels, and understands the importance of a strong social media presence. But conducting extensive campaigns are tedious and can burn a hole through your wallet.