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Data Pipelines

What is a Data Pipeline?

A data pipeline is a series of processes that move raw data from one or more sources to one or more destinations, often transforming and processing the data along the way. Data pipelines are designed to automate the flow of data, enabling efficient and reliable data movement for various purposes, such as data analytics, reporting, or integration with other systems.

The Modern Data Streaming Pipeline: Streaming Reference Architectures and Use Cases Across 7 Industries

Executives across various industries are under pressure to reach insights and make decisions quickly. This is driving the importance of streaming data and analytics, which play a crucial role in making better-informed decisions that likely lead to faster, better outcomes.

Build, Connect, and Consume Intelligent Data Pipelines Seamlessly and Securely

We’re excited to share the latest and greatest features on Confluent Cloud, in our first launch of 2024. This Cloud Launch comes to you from Kafka Summit London, where we talked about the latest updates highlighted in our launch, including serverless Apache Flink®, some exciting pricing changes, updates to connectors, and more! We also shared our vision for a future offering, Tableflow.

15 Examples of Data Pipelines Built with Amazon Redshift

At, we work with companies that build data pipelines. Some start cloud-native on platforms like Amazon Redshift, while others migrate from on-premise or hybrid solutions. What they all have in common is the one question they ask us at the very beginning: And so that’s why we decided to compile and publish a list of publicly available blog posts about how companies build their data pipelines.

The Importance and Benefits of a Data Pipeline

The term 'data pipeline' is everywhere in data engineering and analytics, yet its complexity is often understated. As businesses gain large volumes of data, understanding, processing, and leveraging this data has never been more critical. A data pipeline is the architectural backbone that makes data usable, actionable, and valuable. It's the engineering marvel that transforms raw data into insights, driving decisions and strategies that shape the future of enterprises.

The 5 Best Data Pipeline Tools for 2024

In 2023, data analysts have access to more data than at any other time in history. Experts believe the amount of data generated in 2023 totaled 120 zettabytes, and humans will create around 463 exabytes every day by 2025. That's an unimaginable volume of data! All this data, however, is worthless unless you can process it, analyze it, and find insights hidden within it. Data pipelines help you do that.

How Helps You Build Powerful Salesforce Pipelines

Salesforce is a popular customer relationship management (CRM) platform that extends advanced data analytics capabilities to its users. However, to experience many of Salesforce's greatest data benefits, you must enlist the help of third-party data management and pipeline integrations. In this guide, we'll walk you through the benefits of building pipelines for your Salesforce data and cover how can help you achieve your data integration goals.