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Chose Both: Data Fabric and Data Lakehouse

A key part of business is the drive for continual improvement, to always do better. “Better” can mean different things to different organizations. It could be about offering better products, better services, or the same product or service for a better price or any number of things. Fundamentally, to be “better” requires ongoing analysis of the current state and comparison to the previous or next one. It sounds straightforward: you just need data and the means to analyze it.


The Modern Data Lakehouse: An Architectural Innovation

Imagine having self-service access to all business data, anywhere it may be, and being able to explore it all at once. Imagine quickly answering burning business questions nearly instantly, without waiting for data to be found, shared, and ingested. Imagine independently discovering rich new business insights from both structured and unstructured data working together, without having to beg for data sets to be made available.


8 Reasons to Build Your Cloud Data Lake on Snowflake

You want to enable analytics, data science, or applications with data so you can answer questions, predict outcomes, discover relationships, or grow your business. But to do any of that, data must be stored in a manner to support these outcomes. This may be a simple decision when supporting a small, well-known use case, but it quickly becomes complicated as you scale the data volume, variety, workloads, and use cases.


5 Insights from Gartner's Hype Cycle for Data Management 2022 Report

As a global leader in technology research, Gartner supports enterprise organizations, non-profits, and government agencies by sharing information and in-depth analysis of emerging technological trends, tools, and products. With the continued growth of big data over the past decade, Gartner has been especially invested in helping data and analytics (D&A) leaders make the right decisions for managing and generating value from data within their organizations.


Supercharge Your Data Lakehouse with Apache Iceberg in Cloudera Data Platform

We are excited to announce the general availability of Apache Iceberg in Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). Iceberg is a 100% open table format, developed through the Apache Software Foundation, and helps users avoid vendor lock-in. Today’s general availability announcement covers Iceberg running within key data services in the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)—including Cloudera Data Warehousing (CDW), Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE), and Cloudera Machine Learning (CML).


Introducing Databricks Support: Operational AI for the Lakehouse

On the heels of announcing our $14.5M Series A and General Availability, we’re excited to be at the Data + AI Summit to unveil support for Continual on the Databricks Lakehouse. Increasingly, data and ML tool providers are embracing a data-centric approach to the ML workflow. The goal is to focus on what increasing drives ML – the data – compared to infrastructure, algorithms, or pipelines. At Continual we bet on data-centric AI from day one.


The Future of the Data Lakehouse - Open

Cloudera customers run some of the biggest data lakes on earth. These lakes power mission critical large scale data analytics, business intelligence (BI), and machine learning use cases, including enterprise data warehouses. In recent years, the term “data lakehouse” was coined to describe this architectural pattern of tabular analytics over data in the data lake.


Snowflake's Newest Workload for the Data Cloud: Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a data problem at its core. Yet, security teams haven’t achieved tremendous success in utilizing the modern data stack that data analytics teams have enjoyed for years. Security teams face constant pressure from vulnerabilities and breaches in their infrastructure and supply chains because they remain on a proverbial island with antiquated technology. Cybersecurity leaders must uplevel their strategies by implementing a modern security data lake.


Optimize Your AWS Data Lake with Data Enrichment and Smart Pipelines

As an engaged member of the AWS community, we’re always on the lookout for new technologies and software tools that can help our customers succeed in their AWS data lake initiatives. During the most recent AWS Re:Invent conference in Las Vegas, we had the opportunity to engage directly with AWS partners, customers, and other technology companies operating in the AWS ecosystem.