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Cloudera DataFlow Functions for Public Cloud powered by Apache NiFi

Since its initial release in 2021, Cloudera DataFlow for Public Cloud (CDF-PC) has been helping customers solve their data distribution use cases that need high throughput and low latency requiring always-running clusters. CDF-PC’s DataFlow Deployments provides a cloud-native runtime to run your Apache NiFi flows through auto scaling Kubernetes clusters as well as centralized monitoring and alerting and improved SDLC for developers.

How to add multiple charts to a report

In this video you will learn how to add multiple charts, or visualizations, to a single data table as you build a report. You'll learn about using the Auto Chart feature, as well as manually selecting your own chart types. In addition to adding charts, you will learn how to add text, graphics, and images to your report. Once you are finished adding charts and other visual elements, you will learn how to properly save your multi-chart report.

How to migrate tests from Excel to Xray | Xray Tutorial

Are you a part of the 40% still trying to manage their tests with Excel? There’s a better way. A native test management solution like Xray keeps your tests organized, so you can easily release quality software. If you’re ready to make the jump to Xray, you can import hundreds of tests from CSV files to Xray.

Options Clearing Corporation: Risk Management Transformation

The Options Clearing Corporation is the world's largest equity derivatives clearing house. It is designated by the US government as a SIFMU - a Systematically Important Financial Market Utility. Hear how the OCC uses Appian across the organization to demonstrate and enforce strict controls to enhance risk management.

Accelerate data modernization initiatives with Talend Change Data Capture

In times of economic uncertainty, businesses need to get the most value from their data, while minimizing pressure on their systems and databases. But with the exponential growth of the variety and volume of data, extracting business value out of that data is only getting increasingly difficult. The result is data transfer latency, data loss, high cost of managing such data, data sources, leading to an inability to use data to make high-ROI business decisions.