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Frontend vs. backend performance testing

Which should you do: frontend vs. backend performance testing? The short answer is both. Each has its pros and cons, but hybrid load testing combines them and gives you the most holistic view of performance, including frontend concerns like how quickly a page renders or perceived application performance as well as backend concerns like response times of individual components.

Cybersyn Brings Exciting New Data Listings to the Snowflake Marketplace

In this episode of “Data Cloud Now,” Cybersyn Founder Alex Izydorczyk chats with DCN host Ryan Green about his passion for using data to drive business decisions and how the formation of the Snowflake Marketplace has dramatically enhanced data usage and data sharing opportunities. It’s leading to what he calls the “Moneyball-ization” of every industry. Tune in to hear him elaborate on that concept and to learn how Cybersyn itself is using publicly available sources of economic and demographic data to create new data sets in the Marketplace that hold valuable potential for almost any business.

A Look At New Products Recently Introduced By Snowflake

In this episode of “Data Cloud Now,” Gautam Srinivasan, DCN's India Correspondent chats with Michael Kilberry, Senior Director and Industry Field CTO at Snowflake, about some of the newest product announcements from Snowflake, including Unistore, which brings analytical and transactional data together in a single platform. They also discuss some of the unique characteristics and data needs of businesses in India.