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How to Optimize Mobile App Testing | #MobileTesting Strategies | Srinivasan Sekar | #softwaretesting

In this video, Srinivasan Sekar delves into the world of mobile app testing. He shares effective techniques to optimize your testing process, ensuring robust and high-quality mobile applications. He covers strategies to enhance efficiency and productivity in mobile app testing and the latest and most impactful tools that can help streamline the mobile app testing process. Whether you're a seasoned tester or just starting out, this video offers valuable insights to help you streamline your mobile app testing efforts and deliver exceptional user experiences.

Special Episode: Fivetran and Databricks CEOs reveal the secret to AI

George Fraser, CEO and co-founder of Fivetran, and Ali Ghodsi, CEO and co-founder of Databricks, are building products that power the modern data stack. They offer an insider’s perspective on the hardest parts of building and deploying generative AI in the enterprise.

Tabular Reporting for NPrinting Users - Do More with Qlik

Join Michael Tarallo, along with special guests Product Manager Andrew Kruger and Principal Platform Architect Johnny Poole, for part 2 of Qlik Tabular Reporting. In this session, the focus shifts to the migration path for NPrinting users, exploring available utilities, migration paths and best practices for a seamless transition.

Understanding eBPF in Sevice Mesh with Ahmed

Why have we not created a service mesh in the kernel before? Some people have been semi-jokingly stating that kube-proxy is the original service mesh. However, it is not enough. So what's next? Since eBPF code can be inserted at runtime into an existing Linux kernel similar to a Linux kernel module, but unlike a kernel module, it can be done in a secure and portable manner. This allows for eBPF implementation to continue to evolve with the service mesh community.