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Snowflake Horizon Demo For Data Engineers

In this demo targeted at data engineers, Ravi Kumar, Senior Partner Sales Engineer at Snowflake, shows you how to govern and discover data, apps, and more in Snowflake Horizon. Learn and try the core capabilities of Snowflake Horizon to unify data across different sources and formats, such as by loading data securely into Snowflake based on RBAC privileges and being interoperable with Iceberg Tables in external cloud storage.

Gittogether | How to stay technical as an Engineering leader | Robin Gupta

"Every engineer hits the fork in the road in their career, deciding whether to grow as an engineering manager or an architect. The dangling question is: ""How will I keep my technical skills sharp?"" This was the predicament I faced as I transitioned from a Tech Lead to a Senior Management role. My solution? Open source.

Secure and scalable data lifecycles with RedHat and Cloudera

Firas Yasin, Global Alliance Manager of AI/ML at RedHat, introduces the RedHat and Cloudera partnership. Firas shares that customers are often missing the combination of security, scalability and support when deploying open-source solutions for their end-to-end data lifecycles. In this video, Firas highlights that together with RedHat OpenShift and Cloudera Data Platform, customers can achieve security and scalability through the joint solution, in addition to catalyzing on RedHat and Cloudera’s unrivaled support offerings.

What Does Testing a Generative UI Look Like?

Imagine a world where every piece of digital content can be verified and traced back to its source. Lindsay Walker, Product Lead at Starling Lab for Data Integrity, walks us through the emerging tools that could make this possible. While AI tools hold incredible potential for good, Lindsay also warns against threats and countermeasures needed to keep our virtual representations safe. She emphasizes the need to build provenance into tools, discusses blockchain use cases, and shares systems that implement hashes for security.

Snowflake Horizon Demo for Data Governors And Stewards

Ravi Kumar, Senior Partner Sales Engineer at Snowflake, shows you how to govern and discover data, apps, and more in Snowflake Horizon. In this demo targeted at data governors and stewards, learn and try the core capabilities of Snowflake Horizon such as classifying and tagging sensitive data, visualizing lineage, monitoring data quality, and applying granular policies.

[Webinar] Advance Your Test Automation Skills with Katalon Certifications

Over the past year, the Katalon Certification Program has been a game-changer for QA professionals worldwide to advance their test automation skills and unlock new opportunities. Thousands have harnessed its power to gain hands-on experience, validate their expertise, and use the Katalon Platform effectively for daily operations. In this webinar, we will discuss how you can leverage the Katalon Certification Program to accelerate your success in test automation.

Introducing Angles Professional

Discover the innovative Angles Professional, a reporting from insightsoftware. Explore how it reduces the need for technical skill by providing multi-data source connectivity, out-of-the-box dashboards, and an easily accessible, web-based interface with shareable, interactive dashboards and visualizations. For more information, See the other videos in this series.