Apigee: Role of APIs in Digital Transformation for NCR's Customers

Apigee: Role of APIs in Digital Transformation for NCR's Customers


During this last decade, we have witnessed the evolution of software from products into platforms and broader eco-systems. APIs have played an integral role in this evolution, helping companies across a myriad of industries react to changing consumer needs and bringing solutions to market faster.

Learn how NCR Corporation, a leading software and services-led enterprise provider in the financial, retail and hospitality industries, used APIs to help companies adapt to the unprecedented disruption to commerce triggered by the pandemic.

NCR’s solutions are built on a strong, API-first discipline that allows the company to build the right solutions for their customers’ needs, and onboard them quickly and seamlessly. Since January 2020, NCR has seen 16,000% growth in our API platform with 1,650,000% growth in online ordering and 28,000% increase in promotions.

Join the conversation and learn from NCR’s three CTOs:
How NCR worked with their customers to respond to the new market conditions with API-driven solutions
How NCR’s approach to API delivery allows customer to harness the power of the services while still maintaining their brand and good user experience
How NCR leveraged APIs to connect the physical with digital channels
KPIs to measure a successful API model and developer engagement
Organizational considerations that help drive a successful API Model

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