The New Urgency to Transform to a Platform Business Model

The New Urgency to Transform to a Platform Business Model

Jul 1, 2020

The current situation has precipitated an intense acceleration of digital transformation. The future was always uncertain, but is now ever more so.

Companies that run platform business models are proving to be relatively resilient during this uncertain time, and are likely to emerge stronger than ever. APIs are critical to these companies, and many traditional businesses are starting to adopt a platform strategy not only to survive, but to thrive.

In this session you will get a chance to participate in Google Cloud’s Oliver Ogg conversation with Simon Torrance - the world's leading expert on business model transformation, and explore:

  • How traditional businesses can execute and pivot into a platform business model to rapidly adapt to the new normal
  • How an API Management Platform can help you execute, whether it be a marketplace, or a partner or public ecosystem
  • How you can drive new revenue streams, new business models, onboard partners as quickly, and distribute your products and services to many other channels or ecosystems.