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Fix the broken promise of Customer 360 initiatives

Investment in Customer 360 is supposed to lead to truly transformative results, from marketing and sales efficiency to product innovation. Too often, the reality isn’t delivering on that promise. Despite significant and increasing spend on Customer 360 initiatives, 93% of consumers still receive irrelevant marketing communications. 66% of customers are unhappy with their experiences. The promise of customer 360 has failed because of unhealthy data — data that's inaccurate, hard to access, and difficult to transform.

How to achieve data governance for financial institutions

The increasing focus on privacy and data-related regulations makes strategic data governance a key asset for all organisations, particularly the data-rich financial services sector. Financial institutions must have a robust data strategy to navigate data protection regulations, such as GDPR in Europe, the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in Singapore and Thailand, to remain successful in the regions where they operate and avoid implications arising from noncompliance.

Direct Query - Part 2 - Building Hybrid Analytics Solutions with On Demand App Generation (ODAG)

This video shows how to build a hybrid data analytics solution using Direct Query and On Demand app Generation when working with real-time data access and big data use cases. You will also see the new auto-template generator for On Demand App Generation - used to generate the detailed / app on demand. For a deep dive on ODAG and Dynamic Views.

1 year ago we were acquired. Here's what happened next. (k6 Office Hours #58)

In June 2021, CEO Raj Dutt announced that k6 had become part of the Grafana Labs family, and the year that followed has been replete with changes in features, organizational structure, and overall culture within the k6 team. In this video, Nicole van der Hoeven and Paul Balogh reflect on everything that's happened in the last year and how k6 has fared 1 year after the acquisition.

Parallelize build, tests and accelerate feedback loops with Build Pipelines Webinar

Do you ever just want to… speed up your builds? In an effort to continuously improve build speed on Bitrise, we’ve just introduced Built Pipelines in open beta so now you can build and test in parallel. Watch this webinar + Q&A to learn about the new feature, how to leverage it, and get the answers to the questions you may have. Thank you for watching! Please feel free to comment your thoughts below.