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Down the AI Rabbit Hole: Leveraging AI in Your Projects Without Ending Up Lost in Wonderland

Generative AI is transforming the world around us, and is quickly becoming a part of the conversation as we greenfield new features and applications. It is very alluring to deliver AI features into our existing products, and think about new projects we might build around AI. However, you might have already found that the journey into the realm of AI often feels like tumbling down the rabbit hole into wonderland - a maze of complexity and uncertainty.

What is an AI Gateway?

In this session, Marco Palladino, CTO and co-founder of Kong, discusses the importance of AI gateways in supporting the growing demand for AI and API usage. He explains how Kong's AI Gateway simplifies the creation of AI applications by providing a unified infrastructure layer that abstracts common requirements, such as authentication, authorization, traffic control, and observability.

AI for APIs: Unlock Growth and Efficiency

AI-powered tools can enhance API marketplace management by automating various tasks such as API discovery, onboarding, and governance. Advanced recommendation systems can match developers with relevant APIs based on their preferences and project requirements, facilitating faster adoption and increasing transaction volumes within the marketplace.

Snowflake: Automate tuning for data cloud speed and scale

40% of companies surveyed will increase their AI investment because of advances in GenAI (McKinsey). And 80% plan to maintain or increase their investment in data quality/observability (dbt). With this in mind, Unravel is hosting a live event to help you leverage data observability to achieve speed and scale with Snowflake. Join Unravel Data for this event about automating tuning with AI-powered data performance management for Snowflake with Eric Chu, Unravel Data VP of Product, and Clinton Ford, Unravel Data VP of Product Marketing.

Accelerate AI Adoption with Enterprise-Grade Security and Control in Kong Gateway 3.7

The latest release of Kong Gateway 3.7 brings exciting advancements in AI integration and API security. With the general availability of Kong’s AI Gateway, organizations can now securely leverage multiple large language models (LLMs) through a unified API, enabling centralized management, usage visibility, and data protection via a powerful AI firewall.

How to Align API Metrics to Business Objectives

Join Matt Tanner, Head of Developer Relations at Moesif, for a deep-dive webinar on aligning API metrics with your business objectives. In this session, you'll learn how to move beyond traditional infrastructure metrics like uptime and latency and instead focus on metrics that drive customer value and business growth, such as adoption, engagement, and retention. Matt shares actionable insights on: This webinar is perfect for product managers, developers, and business leaders looking to enhance their API strategies and drive significant business outcomes.

Introducing Sparse Streams: A New Lightweight Branching Option for Perforce Helix Core

Sparse Streams is a new way to achieve lightweight branching in Helix Core. In this clip from our recent webinar, Senior Director of Product Management Brent Schiestl gives a deep dive into this highly-anticipated feature. Learn how it can help you.

Linx Fundamental Training

This video will show you how to use Linx and will allow you to streamline your back-end development by introducing the core principles of Linx. Here are the sections for easy access to each: We hope this video is helpful to get you started on your Linx journey. Linx is a general-purpose, low-code platform for backends. Developers use Linx to build, test, deploy and manage backend solutions such as APIs, integrations and automation.