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Introducing Pay-as-you-go pricing for Apigee API Management

Apigee is Google Cloud’s API management platform that enables organizations to build, operate, manage and monetize their APIs. Customers from industries around the world trust Apigee to build and scale their API programs. While some organizations operate with mature API-first strategies, others might still be working on a modernization strategy. Even within an organization, different teams often end up with diverse use cases and choices for API management.

Connecting Apigee to GKE using headless services and Cloud DNS

We’ve recently supported an organization who wanted to expose its Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) backend behind Apigee X. A quite common architecture, which most of the users delivering modern web applications on Google Cloud tend to build upon. In this scenario, Google’s API gateway, Apigee, receives requests and performs L7 routing, redirecting you to the correct backend application, running as one or more pods on GKE.

7 trends to watch in the API economy

Organizations across every industry are aiming to achieve digital transformation initiatives to stay competitive, which increasingly include overcoming the complexity of hybrid and multicloud environments. With resources stretched and margins getting thinner, application programming interfaces (APIs) and the API economy will continue to play a critical role in connecting services, applications, and clouds. So, what do you need to know to help your organization continue to thrive?