Bitrise: Faster mobile CI through parallel testing on Bitrise - A Deep Dive

Bitrise: Faster mobile CI through parallel testing on Bitrise - A Deep Dive


Faster mobile CI through parallel testing: a Bitrise Deep Dive

Success on mobile is about speed and it's about quality. To ensure that quality, rigorous testing of your mobile builds is crucial, but these tests take time. In this webinar, Bitrise mobile DevOps engineer Damien Murphy explains how to get the best of both, by demonstrating how to combine speed and quality by speeding up tests on Bitrise.

Parallel testing and test reporting

In the first section of the webinar, Damien will demonstrate exactly how to split up your tests into schemes and how to run the workflows featuring those schemes in parallel on Bitrise. Results are dependent on your available concurrencies and the specifics of your tests, but anecdotally this configuration has reduced buildtime by more than 40%.

In this specific example, Damien will use xcodebuild build-for-testing & test-without-building to reuse the generated build artifacts. From a high level, the process will look like:

  • Trigger X test workflows from a Primary workflow and wait for them to complete
  • Gather the test results from all X fan out workflows via the Bitrise API using NodeJS
  • Generate a single Test Report for all X test results using bash

Even though we will touch on the purpose and business benefits of this particular configuration, having a technical background is recommended to get the most out of this session.