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Enhanced Security, More Control with GitHub App

Blog post summary: We have a new, improved way to integrate with GitHub using a GitHub App. It offers a more secure connection and granular control of which repositories Bitrise can access. Full integration with GitHub Checks allows developers to quickly identify if their changes have broken any existing functionality, improving workflow efficiency.

Web CI on Bitrise: Beta announcement

Mobile developers love using Bitrise, and we get it. But we also know your products and automation workflows extend beyond just mobile apps. That's why we're thrilled to announce Bitrise's expansion into web CI/CD! While in beta, this is your chance to help shape an industry-leading solution for your entire development process.

App distribution tools (and AppCenter alternatives) that will make your developer life easier

Discover alternative mobile app distribution platforms as Microsoft phases out AppCenter. This post provides insights into the essential features of a good distribution tool and guides you in selecting the best solution for your app release needs.

Enforcement of Apple Privacy Manifest starting from May 1, 2024

Here's how Apple's upcoming Privacy Manifest enforcement, starting May 1, 2024, will change the way app developers handle privacy. Learn the details of the new requirements, from creating privacy manifest files to meeting crucial deadlines, to ensure your app meets Apple's stringent privacy standards.