Continual: Building an AI copilot for business intelligence

Continual: Building an AI copilot for business intelligence


LLMs are bringing the magic of conversational interaction to software product experiences everywhere, including Zenlytic, a self-serve analytics tool that answers natural language questions about data. Generative AI product experiences can massively boost user experience, saving users time and delivering new ways of working. But pulling it all off from an implementation perspective is no easy feat, particularly for analytical use-cases.

We’ll sit down with Paul Blankley, Founder and CTO at Zenlytic, to understand how the Zenlytic team built and operates its conversational data analysis experience including Zoë, the AI copilot that works alongside Zenlytic users as a tireless data analyst. We’ll get into the weeds on all the challenging aspects of implementing AI copilots including optimizing latency, reliability, and UX as well as considerations unique to applying LLMs to BI. We’ll also talk about infrastructure and tech stack options including future trends and directions.

Prepare to be inspired and bring your questions for Paul.

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