Fivetran: Glossier, Fivetran & Retail's Golden Quarter EMEA

Fivetran: Glossier, Fivetran & Retail's Golden Quarter EMEA


With Retail’s golden quarter behind us, many retailers and brands are taking a look back at their performance in the face of changing consumer demands and persistent supply chain disruptions. In this webinar, you’ll hear how Glossier uses Fivetran and Snowflake to automate and centralize their data to engage their customers across all touchpoints and manage challenging macroeconomic pressures.

This is a recorded session that took place 9am PT 23 Feb 2023.


  • How to build an automated data program that creates actionable insights in real time
  • To leverage data during peak season to scale personalization, customer engagement and deliver an omnichannel customer experience
  • How Glossier ensures a seamless customer journey with agile forecasting and optimized inventory management to reduce shortages or fulfillment delays