Fivetran: Live Demo: High-Volume Agent Oracle

Fivetran: Live Demo: High-Volume Agent Oracle


In our 24/7, digital society, where new data is being generated constantly, businesses can no longer afford to operate on old, stale data. Time-consuming ETL integrations can’t keep up with growing business demands and increasing data volumes, preventing businesses from gleaning value in their data.

With Fivetran’s new high-volume agent connectors, your business will always have the freshest data to drive decisions that optimize your operations, improve your customer service and secure your competitive advantage. It’s the way forward, and we’re excited to show you how to get there.


  • The challenges many organizations face in their journey to near real-time data access and solutions to mitigate the challenges
  • How log-based CDC technology securely accelerates high volume data delivery, so it’s available in near real-time for analysis and decision making
  • How other organizations like yours are transforming their businesses by centralizing their data in the cloud