Perforce: How to Scale Your Studio

Perforce: How to Scale Your Studio


When Bit Fry started, their mission was to deliver the arcade experience to your phone. As they embarked on creating their follow up game Ultimate Rivals: The Court, their teams needed to find a way to scale and meet increased demand.

Teams needed to come together. Assets required a single source of truth. And Bit Fry needed to accelerate without sacrificing quality. How did they do it?

If you’re an indie studio with a small team and big ideas, discover what you need to succeed. Join Perforce Game Dev Evangelist, Katie Cole, with members of the Bit Fry team to discuss how to:

  • Unite cross-functional teams of developers and creatives.
  • Promote asset reuse to increase velocity.
  • Streamline engineering processes and secure digital assets.
  • Optimize your environment to deliver a high-quality game, on time.