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What Is Virtual Production?

Virtual production took off during the pandemic. It is expanding possibilities for teams in media & entertainment and saving them time and money in post-production/ for that reason, it is here it stay. More and more studios are starting to adopt new tools to create immersive, groundbreaking experiences in real-time. Read on to learn.

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Innovative times for mobile: implications for app developers and testers

The past few months have seen various landmarks in mobile technology, notably from Apple and the Android community, and these announcements and launches represent far more than just new devices and operating systems. There are also some massive strides forward, including more focus on the user experience, which reflects the growing market demand for improvements in this area. Of course, mobile has always led the pack in terms of UX, but with more people engaging with the rest of the world via their smartphones, they increasingly expect a better experience.

Manage Manual and Automated Testing in a Single Tool

Test automation is becoming a critical part of the development lifecycle across all types of products and industries. As automation exponentially increases test complexity, testing teams need a unified, structured solution for automated test management to ensure the highest quality product. To meet this need, the latest Helix ALM Release 2022.2 delivers enhanced automated test management capabilities.


Is Fortify Static Code Analyzer the Right Choice for Your Next SAST Tool?

There are many embedded systems out there, but only a few static code analysis tools that realistically support embedded software developers. The recent acquisition of Micro Focus by OpenText, including the Fortify Static Code Analyzer, reignites the question of which static code analysis tool is best for your embedded software project. Between Fortify and Klocwork, our experts have the answer.


The CHIPS and Science Act, Cybersecurity, and Semiconductor Manufacturing

This year is proving to be a momentous one for U.S. semiconductor manufacturing. During a global chip shortage and record inflation, President Biden signed into effect the CHIPS and Science Act – which so far is the greatest boon to U.S. semiconductor manufacturing in history, with $52 billion in subsidies for chip manufacturers to build fabrication plants in the U.S. The CHIPS Act seems like a green light for domestic manufacturing.

OpenLogic by Perforce and the Open Source Initiative Announce 2023 State of Open Source Survey

Perforce Software announces the beginning of their 2023 State of Open Source Survey - a collaboration between OpenLogic by Perforce and theOpen Source Initiative(OSI), a non-profit that raises awareness and adoption of open source software (OSS).