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What Is Automotive Software? Learn About Emerging Trends in Car Software Development

The world of automotive software is constantly shifting and transforming. From autonomous, self-driving cars to electric cars and advanced driver assistance systems, software in cars continues to become more integrated and complex. In fact, according to research from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, most cars today now incorporate more than 100 million lines of code, whereas ten years ago this level of automotive software could only be found in high-end vehicles.

Avoiding Bugs in Range-Based For-Loops with MISRA C++:2023

MISRA C++:2023®, the next version of the MISRA C++ standard, is here! To help you understand the changes between MISRA C++:2023 and the previous version, we continue our blog series by Perforce Principal Technical Support Engineer, Dr. Frank van den Beuken, with this third installment. In the first two blogs, we introduced you to the new MISRA C++ standard and the history of C++. In this blog, we take a closer look at a specific rule centering on for-loops in C++.

Perforce in Agreement To Acquire Delphix

We are delighted to announce Perforce signed a definitive agreement to acquire Delphix, a best-in-class leader in Enterprise Data Management solutions. I want to share with you why I am personally excited about this major milestone in our company’s continued DevOps evolution and the benefits this acquisition provides to our customers.

What Is Electronic Design Automation? Understanding the Benefits and Evolution of EDA Tools

Since semiconductor design comes with complex challenges and high stakes – including strict regulations, tight time-to-market timelines, and an immense cost of error – teams need strong, trusted design tools. These teams turn to electronic design automation (EDA) software to streamline and automate chip design, predict certain elements of the design process, and test their technology as they develop it.

Helix Core Introduces S3 Storage Support

As organizations continue to migrate to the cloud and search for ways to reduce costs, Perforce has released Helix Core 2023.2 – giving users the ability to connect their archive depots to S3-backed (or S3-compatible) cloud object storage. S3 storage support offers users a durable and convenient solution that grows automatically and indefinitely. In the following article I explain S3 storage, diving into the benefits of using S3 storage, and how to get started using S3 Storage within Helix Core.

What Is Linting + When to Use Lint Tools

Everyone knows that software defects should be avoided at all costs. Some errors cause glitches that frustrate users. Others compromise the safety and security of a critical system. No matter what type of program you’re developing, avoiding these defects is important. That’s why many development teams rely on linting. Read along or jump ahead to the section that interests you the most.