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SAP Performance Testing - Breaking Down the Longer SAP GUI Response Times

Performance Assurance is one of the critical nonfunctional testing types that cannot be ignored for even certified products like SAP ECC or SAP HANA, because every implementation could be different in terms of customizations, integrations, data volumes, hardware sizing, and network topology. Performance assurance would add value to business operations in the effort spent and dollars burnt towards performance testing, says Prasad Paduchuru, Senior Manager, Cigniti Technologies.

SAP Performance Testing - Breaking Down the Longer SAP GUI Response Times

SAP offers one of the best ERP solutions for enterprise business critical operations. The success of these business operations depends on the reliability of the SAP deployment. Though the SAP solutions are perhaps thoroughly tested, rigorous performance testing is needed to understand the operations behavior of SAP under heavy loads.

Technical intro to Cortex Data Foundation for SAP with BigQuery

Cortex Data Foundation for SAP provides templates, solution content, deployment accelerators, and reference architecture to solve business problems. In this video, Lucia Subatin takes a deep dive into the technical details of Cortex Data Foundation for SAP by providing the recipe, ingredients, and some pro tips to deploy the data foundation solution content. Put on your chef’s hat and apron and get ready to start deploying!

5 Reasons to Upgrade to the Latest Version of Wands

Thousands of enterprise ERP customers have discovered the convenience and flexibility offered by insightsoftware’s Wands products. If you’re currently running any of the Wands for SAP solutions, you should know about some recent updates to the product line that will enhance your team’s productivity, increase the options available for calendar-year reporting, and improve the underlying technology on which the Wands products are built.

Why Google Cloud BigQuery for SAP Enterprises?

What is BigQuery and how can it help you gain new insights from your SAP data? In this video, Kevin Nelson, a Developer Advocate at Google Cloud, will demonstrate how to integrate your SAP data with BigQuery to help drive new insights across your organization and give more power to your data analytics users. Chapters: product: Cloud - General; fullname: Kevin Nelson;

How to replicate SAP data in BigQuery

Are you interested in unlocking advanced analytics by replicating SAP data into BigQuery? In this video, Lucia Subatin, a Technical Lead in Solution Engineering, will demonstrate how to download and implement an ABAP enhancement built by Google Cloud to stream data directly into BigQuery. Watch, follow along, and ask questions in the comments below! Chapters: product: Cloud - General; fullname: Lucia Subatin;

Why Migrate from On-Premise SAP HCM to Cloud Based HXM-SAP SuccessFactors?

Today, it has become a necessity for enterprises to shift their workforce to the cloud, which empowers their employees with relevant experiences, delivers useful data and insights to the leadership team, and works in tandem with the frequently changing needs of the workforce. Adopt advanced human resource management with world class UI and UX to maintain the best #HXM and retain the most loved employees for a long time, says Sailaja Bodula, Business Analyst, Cigniti Technologies.

Why Migrate From On-Premise SAP HCM to Cloud Based HXM-SAP Success Factors?

On-Premise SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) was considered one of the most powerful Human Resource Managements (HRMs) until the relevance and necessity of cloud-based SAP SuccessFactors came into the picture. The two most prominent reasons for the growing popularity of cloud-based (Software as a Service) SaaS applications are (1) changes in the Gen Y and Gen Z workforce at offices, and (2) the developing culture of remote work.