Testlio: A Pragmatic Test Automation Journey

Testlio: A Pragmatic Test Automation Journey


Today's software product teams face a highly complex balancing act between compressing release cycles for increased speed to market and ensuring delightful end user experiences. Test automation is poised to play a critical role towards removing QA as a bottleneck to speed. Yet enterprises will face technology, process governance, and talent headwinds on the journey towards capitalizing on these opportunities.

Fused testing combines a new software testing methodology with an open ecosystem approach to offer a pragmatic way to avoid these headwinds.

This webinar will cover the following:

  • Insights into prominent testing challenges facing modern product teams
  • Debunk popular test automation journey assumptions
  • The fused testing paradigm shift
  • The technology, process, and people building blocks for fused testing
  • How do you know if/when you are on the right track?

This webinar is part of a fused-testing-in-action webinar series that offers a forum for discussion and solutions that help enterprises test smarter by unlocking complementary value across manual and automated testing.