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Open-source Projects

The aim of the opsmatters toolset is to dramatically accelerate the implementation of operational monitoring and alerting tools (such as New Relic) by:

  • Automating the deployment of configuration items such as Alerts and Dashboards
  • Deploying changes quickly and easily using bulk import and export tools
  • Using artefacts in standard formats that are easier to understand and maintain by users and can be version-controlled.

The projects:

  • New Relic API - Java client library for the New Relic Monitoring and Alerting REST APIs.
  • New Relic Batch - Java library that allows New Relic objects to be created automatically from file based definitions.
  • New Relic Command - Java library that allows New Relic Monitoring and Alerting configuration operations to be executed from a command line.
  • OpsMatters Core - Java library for the opsmatters suite including a data cache for New Relic Monitoring and Alerting, models, and reporting utilities.