GitTogether | Open Source Dev Containers with DevPod | Hrittik Roy

GitTogether | Open Source Dev Containers with DevPod | Hrittik Roy

Apr 18, 2024

Many developers are excited about Dev Containers, but until now, people needed to use a managed service like Codespaces or Gitpod to experience that Dev Container magic. DevPod is a new open-source tool that allows users to launch Dev Containers with any infrastructure they have available.

DevPod introduces a way to define a development environment that can then be run on any cloud infrastructure or even on a localhost machine using Docker or Kubernetes locally or on the cloud. This talk is all about how you can use DevPod locally or on cloud to run your developer workloads easily.

By the end of this talk, you'll be able to save costs without vendor lock-in with the open-source tool and the devcontainer.json specification that makes it compatible with VS Code and many other IDEs, as well as tools like Codespaces. Let's explore how DevPod works and dive into a quick demo that showcases how it can help developers and teams standardize their development environments.

🔑The main takeaways will be:
DevPod is that new kid in town that works on the same standard of devcontainers.json that Codespaces uses but is on the infrastructure of your choice and is open source. The project was just launched this May and has gathered more than 5.6K stars in this period. The advantage is the lower costs (around 5-10 times cheaper than cloud VMs) with auto-shutdown. Here are a few questions:

What’s the most complicated thing while onboarding a new project or team? Is it setting it up and ensuring everything, including the dependencies, works smoothly?

Is managing a lot of dependencies and fixing broken dev environments a waste of time?

Do you feel you need a powerful machine or more bandwidth for your day-to-day operations?

Suppose the answer to these questions is Yes. In that case, you understand there’s a very big requirement for a system that can use the flexibility of bigger machines and easier dev environment creation. Here, the combination of devcontainer and DevPod comes up.

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