Overview of Testsigma!

Overview of Testsigma!

Nov 27, 2020

Test web, mobile apps, and APIs continuously in simple English language!

Testsigma is a cloud based test automation platform for continuous testing teams to speed up delivery.

A unified platform for web, mobile apps, and API services, Testsigma lets you write complex tests in plain English & run on a massive real devices' cloud.

Here are some highlights:

  • Lets you create your most complex web and mobile automated tests in plain English language, from the same platform.
  • Testsigma is completely cloud hosted, you just need to sign up and start test creation
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • No tension of physical infrastructure management
  • A low learning curve, now all your team members can contribute to your test automation workflow
  • Testsigma readily integrates with all major CI/CD tools
  • Ready to execute integration with device provider cloud for an exhaustive cross-browser testing at maximum efficiency
  • AI at the core to ease your test case maintenance
  • Automated Object Recognition for mobile and websites
  • Flexibility to create your own objects
  • Option to integrate with the cloud or local devices
  • Easily customizable reports. Get reports on what matters to you.
  • Test your product visually with the help of the visual testing feature.
  • Track all your test creation and execution activities from within the platform, no need to go anywhere else

Link To Website: https://testsigma.com/
Sign Up For Free at https://testsigma.com/signup