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Frontend vs. backend performance testing

Which should you do: frontend vs. backend performance testing? The short answer is both. Each has its pros and cons, but hybrid load testing combines them and gives you the most holistic view of performance, including frontend concerns like how quickly a page renders or perceived application performance as well as backend concerns like response times of individual components.

Streaming Data Analytics with SQL

Organizations that are trying to capture the value of their streaming data know that they need to transform that data into insights. Managing data in real time can be complex and expensive. SQL is an industry standard tool that gives business analysts the power to ask critical questions of your data without the need to hire additional specialized developers or translate business requirements into code.

Snowflake Workloads Explained: Snowlake for Data Mesh

Snowflake’s cross-cloud platform enables domain teams to seamlessly collaborate and share data products across clouds and regions without copying or ETL. Domain teams can work with tools and languages of their choice, and scale resources independently with Snowflake’s elastic performance engine. With Snowflake, organizations can strike the right balance between domain ownership and governance standards.

Fast-Growing Startups Thrive On Snowflake

Startup companies who build their network infrastructure around Snowflake find they not only can be better at using data to deliver a superior customer experience, but they can easily scale their business when they start to achieve explosive growth. In this episode of “Data Cloud Now,” Gautam Srinivasan, Snowflake India Correspondent chats Ben Gotfredson, Head of Startup Programs at Snowflake, talks about all the ways Snowflake energizes startup companies, as well as the huge business opportunity for those who want to build an app directly on Snowflake.