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Which Language Should Testers Use?

Should you design tests in the same language as the application you’re testing, or should you use the language you’re best at? @Hanson Ho recommends using the language that’s most popular in the application’s platform. This way, you’ll have more help available from the community. If you want more insights like this one, check out Test Case Scenario.

insightsoftware Power ON Budget Planner Flyover Demo

In effective cost management, wrangling budgets scattered across local spreadsheets poses challenges in maintenance and consolidation. Enter Power ON’s Budget Planner from insightsoftware, a budgeting and planning solution seamlessly integrated into Power BI. This all-in-one tool empowers users, even those unfamiliar with budgeting tools, to effortlessly construct cohesive budgets.

insightsoftware's Open Business Data Fabric

Imagine you're in finance, juggling with data scattered across countless applications. Combining information from various sources for tasks like budgeting, forecasting, and regulatory unnecessarily hard. The traditional data warehouse approach promises a solution, but it comes with a hefty price tag. It's slow, expensive to maintain and requires constant IT involvement. Data Fabric offers a more promising approach. It connects to various data sources in real time, eliminating outdated information and providing a unified view for applications and BI tools.

Astera Data Governance Walkthrough

Join me as I guide you through: Centralizing your organization’s data securely Enhancing data quality with enrichment tools Deploying projects using Astera Data Pipeline Builder Managing and enriching data assets Creating glossary terms and tags for better data discoverability Generating comprehensive data profiles and automating data quality checks Approving access requests for data assets.