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What is Perforce Helix DAM?

Helix DAM is digital asset management by Perforce — makers of the industry standard version control system for game development, Helix Core. Helix DAM empowers teams to streamline creative workflows. It allows them to find, track, and review art assets — including 2D, 3D, audio, and video files — all in one place. It’s art & game asset management for creatives, built with the speed and security of Perforce Helix Core.

Introducing Applied Machine Learning Prototypes

Applied Machine Learning Prototypes (AMPs) are open source projects that will fundamentally change the way data scientists build, deploy, and monitor ML models. These fully-developed prototypes are built around common industry use cases — like Churn Prediction Monitoring, Anomaly Detection, and more — and can be customized to give you significant head start. Available in Cloudera Machine Learning, AMPs are tested, trusted, and research backed by Fast Forward Labs.

Monitoring in Edge Flow Manager | Observability with Grafana

This video explains Edge Flow Manager (EFM) integration with Prometheus and Grafana. After installing and configuring Prometheus to scrape, EFM should also be configured to expose metrics. When the time series are in place, Grafana is also installed and configured to visualize exposed metrics. There are some EFM specific Grafana dashboards that are publicly available that can be easily downloaded and imported to Grafana. When everything is configured correctly agent specific dashboards can be accessed from the EFM UI.